Dr. Phil: How To Move Forward Past Abuse And Clean Up Your Life


Dr. Phil: Jennifer Takes A Polygraph Test About George Gibson

Willing to go to any length to show the world what George Gibson did to her, Jennifer submitted to a polygraph test concerning all relevant issues to her accusations. The test results? All questions were answered 100 percent truthfully. How can she move forward past abuse?

It actually wasn’t even remotely close to a lie. It takes a +2 to barely pass the test honestly, and Jennifer scored a +10. What’s left to say? Well, George’s friend Brian certainly said it: “Thank you, Jennifer,” he said, shaking his head, “I’m sorry.” The apology was brought to a close with Brian and Jennifer hugging.


Dr. Phil: Gibson Attorney Responds to Polygraph Results

Dr. Phil: How To Move Forward Past Abuse And Clean Up Your Life

Dr. Phil offered a helping hand to Jennifer so she can move past abuse and George Simmons, and she accepted.

So what did Sam Shamansky, defense attorney for George Gibson, have to say about all this? Exactly what you would expect a lawyer to say when he is grasping at every last straw to maintain his integrity: “That is nothing more than an electronic Ouija board.” Jennifer, and the crowd included, responded with incredulity at his insistence.

Dr. Phil: How To Move Forward Past Abuse

One of the biggest things that Jennifer’s new boyfriend sees in her is that he can tell she has been controlled for a long time. When they first met, he saw a look in her eye that suggested this was the first time that Jennifer had been treated correctly in her life, and she doesn’t always know how to respond to it.  He said that what is done is done, and that he will stay there to make sure that everything that comes after will move her towards getting as far past this as she can.


Dr. Phil: How To Clean Up Your Life

Dr. Phil was straight up with Jennifer. She will never know the normal that she could have if none of this had never happened. However, she can find a new normal, a normal that she cannot reach until she stops the self medication and seeks help specific to her. By getting herself professional help from a human being, she can start respecting herself and stop the drinking, the pills, and the self shaming.

Needless to say, Jennifer took all the help that was offered her, and Dr. Phil bestowed upon her best friend Brittany and new boyfriend the responsibility to make sure she uses this help to her best advantage. All in all, it was definitely a happy ending!


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