Dr Phil: How To Get Back Stolen Money & Are You Being Ripped Off?


Dr Phil: Girlfriend Stole $500,000

Dr Phil focused his show on betrayal of a friendship. In a previous episode, Steve complained that his girlfriend Megan stole nearly half a million dollars from him and his elderly mother. Back then, Megan claimed she intended to pay back what she spent. Are you being ripped off, like Steve was?

Dr Phil: Are You Being Ripped Off?


“If I didn’t owe Steve money, we would have a great relationship,” Megan said.

Dr Phil: How To Get Back Stolen Money & Are You Being Ripped Off?

Are you being ripped off? Dr Phil got an update from past guest Steve, whose former girlfriend stole nearly half a million dollars from him and his family.

Dr Phil was shocked to learn that Megan even took Steve’s mother for over $150,000. Who has that kind of money to give to your children. On the show, Megan acted indignant that she was being taken to task, and Phil had to spell out for Steve that he would not ever be seeing his money again.


Steve also learned that he was enabling Megan, and he should not be giving her the benefit of the doubt. “Deal with the truth,” Phil said, spouting catch phrases from his latest book, Life Code.

Dr Phil: Deal With The Truth

Dr Phil told Steve to send Megan packing, but he resisted, saying she had nowhere to go. That was awhile back, and Steve returned to Dr Phil’s show with an update on what happened after the show.

After that intervention, Steve put Megan out and took Dr Phil’s advice not to listen to people’s advice. But he said he could not watch the show when it was on TV, because he did not want to live through it again.

Dr Phil: How To Get Back Stolen Money

Steve said that he has not gotten his money back, but he is very committed to getting his money back. He said that he is pursuing the money and intends to seek prosecution if other avenues are unsuccessful.

Dr Phil said that some people cannot feel remorse or empathy, and have no guilt about taking people’s money or wrecking their lives. Steve said that he will be dealing differently in the future with other people, and plans to spend his money on himself.

Dr Phil: Trust Yourself

Are you being ripped off? Plenty of us could be easy targets for exploitation, if we are too trusting. Dr Phil mentioned his book another time, and said this is the key to not getting taken: “don’t ignore the funny feeling.” When you can’t put your finger on something that bothers you about a person, pay attention to it.

“Trust yourself,” Dr Phil said.


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