Dr. Phil: Gina’s Teeth Cracked By Jeremy In An Abusive Relationship


Dr. Phil: Gina And Jeremy Have An Abusive Relationship

Gina says that her fiance Jeremy is physically, emotionally, and sensually abusive. This abusive relationship has resulted in about 50 fights in the last year, though Jeremy claimed that the number is closer to around 20. Gina said that Jeremy beats her at least one time a week. In addition to the physical abuse, Jeremy also calls Gina just about every name under the sun. Gina was afraid that, if the violence doesn’t stop, Jeremy will eventually kill her.

Dr. Phil: Gina's Teeth Cracked By Jeremy In An Abusive Relationship

Gina’s abusive relationship with Jeremy has her fearing for her life.


Jeremy said that the fights are partially Gina’s fault because she pushes his buttons. Jeremy said that he always challenges his manhood and otherwise pokes and prods him until he is moved to violence.

Dr. Phil: Telling The Truth About Abuse

Dr. Phil said right away that the first ground rule is telling the truth, and that if they really care about their relationship, they will tell the truth. Jeremy was first up, and said that he wanted the problems to end—the problems being his yelling, fighting, and name calling. He also had caused injury to Gina’s knee and cracked her teeth.

Gina said that this happens because she has a tendency to nag and push his buttons. Gina said that she acknowledges that she has done things to hurt Jeremy emotionally so that he can feel the pain that he makes her feel. Gina felt resentful and admitted to being annoyed by his presence sometimes. Gina didn’t even know who’s fault the messed up relationship is anymore, but she does get Jeremy’s anger sometimes.


Dr. Phil: Jeremy Spills Details Of Abusive Relationship

Jeremy admitted to choking Gina, slamming her against the garage door, thrown her on the ground like a ragdoll, wrestled her on to the bed, and pressed her face into the ground. Jeremy was quick to admit to all of it, and said he realized that the things he did was irrational. Oh, and Jeremy had driven a nail through Gina’s arm, as well.

So what was Gina’s reason for sticking around for this abusive relationship?


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