Dr. Phil: Gina And Jeremy’s Legacy Of Violence Has To Come To An End


Dr. Phil: Gina Wants To Spend The Rest Of Her Life With Abusive Husband

Dr. Phil: Gina And Jeremy's Legacy Of Violence Has To Come To An End

Gina and Jeremy’s legacy of violence is hurting not only them, but their child, as well.

Gina said that she has never loved another man more than she has loved Jeremy, her abusive husband whose violent outbursts are covered up by them. Gina wants to give him a second chance at getting better because she didn’t think that she would be able to love another man like she could love Jeremy if they ever split up, and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Is this going to hurt their child, though?


Dr. Phil wanted both Jeremy and Gina to understand that they were playing a very dangerous game, as someone could end up dead. With Gina playing antagonist and Jeremy being incredibly unstable, they are playing with fire in a pool of gasoline.

Dr. Phil: The Legacy Of Abuse Has To Stop

The legacy of violence had to come to an end. Though Gina and Jeremy were both abused in the past, they can’t let that abuse be passed on to their child by living out an abusive relationship with each other. The two needed to stop being in denial, making excuses, and otherwise perpetuate the problem. Ultimately, it comes down to it all being bad for their son.

Dr. Phil told Gina that she had to walk away from her history of abuse and start expecting more from herself, from Jeremy, and more for her child. Dr. Phil said that Gina’s child needs a mother, not a martyr. If Jeremy accidentally kills Gina during a fight, she will be buried, Jeremy will go to jail, and their child will end up in foster care, which is not where any child should have to be.



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