Dr. Phil: Why Did They Get Together So Fast? Married After 8 Weeks


Dr. Phil: Married Too Fast

Dr. Phil sat down with Frank and Dana, who got married to each other after knowing each other for just eight weeks. Frank was 54 at the time and had never been married.

Since that got married a year and a half ago, Frank has moved out 5 times. He even asked for the marriage to be annulled on their honeymoon. He’s begun secretly recording Dana when they fight to prove to other people how crazy she is. But Dana says Frank acts like a baby. Dana’s 14-year-old daughter has called 911 before when Frank got abusive with Dana.


Dana and Frank each claimed the other one was pushing marriage during the second month they knew each other. Frank said Dana was screaming at him on the honeymoon, that’s why he asked for an annulment. “My new marriage got off to a very, very rocky start,” he said.

Dr. Phil: Serious Gambling Problem

Dr. Phil: Why Did They Get Together So Fast? Married After 8 Weeks

Dr. Phil sat down with Dana and Frank, who got married after knowing each other 8 weeks. Now, she says he’s abusive and has a huge gambling problem. (whitehoune / Shutterstock.com)

A few months after getting married, Dana learned Frank had a serious gambling problem. Frank said he dealt with it for 24 years and went through a rehab. He fell back into it once he and Dana started having problems.


Dana noticed one day the money from her checking account and her children’s savings accounts were gone. Frank had hacked into them without her permission and gambled the money away.

“I was a single mother with three children, saving money, and for him to just wipe it out all at one time was outrageous,” she said.

Frank said his gambling is a disease and Dana doesn’t understand that.

Dr. Phil: Abusive Marriage

Dana said that Frank holds her hostage, refusing to get away from the door and not letting her leave. She said that’s one of his “favorite” things to do. She said that Frank is abusive. He’s slapped her, grabbed her, and destroyed her property.

“He’ll hold up his fist and he’ll say, ‘If you were a man, I would knock you out,'” Dana said.

Frank has been arrested for domestic violence twice. But Frank said he’s never physically abused Dana. The second time, they were having a heated argument. Dana said that she thought “pulling his toupee off of his head would calm him down”. How does that work, Dana?

Frank says that she threatened to throw it in the canal. Dana said Frank grabbed her really hard and she had to go to the hospital because of the damage he did to her arm. Frank went to jail and had to go to anger management for 29 weeks.

Dr. Phil: Why Did They Get Married So Fast?

Dr. Phil wondered how a man goes 54 years without getting married and then gets married within eight weeks of meeting someone. Frank said that they both felt a connection when they met. Dana said Frank initiated it, but Frank said Dana was pushing it.

Every time Frank started talking, Dana called him a liar. Either Frank is a huge liar or Dana is really good at cutting him down.


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