Dr. Phil: When Georgia Smiled Review & Domestic Separation Assault


Dr. Phil: Don’t Blame The Victim

Dr. Phil has been discussing the Ray Rice abuse scandal on his show. Now, Dr. Phil welcomed his wife Robin McGraw, who has created an organization called When Georgia Smiled, dedicated to the education and prevention of domestic violence and the support of victims.

Ray Rice’s wife Janay has been harshly criticized for not leaving him. Dr. Phil said that every situation is different and critics don’t understand how challenging this situation can be.


Dr. Phil: When Georgia Smiled Review & Domestic Separation Assault

Dr. Phil talked to his wife Robin McGraw about domestic violence and her organization When Georgia Smiled. (NEGOVURA / Shutterstock.com)

She said that it’s not easy for people in violent situations to leave. Domestic violence victims are often isolated and cut off from their support systems and resources. They also often have their self-esteem and self-worth undermined. They’re also often threatened with harm if they try to leave or their children are threatened with harm.

Dr. Phil: Separation Assault

In fact, the most dangerous time for victims of domestic abuse is when they try to leave. 70 percent of women’s injuries in domestic violence situation occur after they leave their abuser.


It’s called Separation Assault. It occurs when the abuser panics that their victim is leaving. 50 percent of women who are murdered in a domestic violence situation are killed after they leave.

Robin said there’s a right way and a wrong way to leave an abuser and there’s help out there to show women how to do it safely.

Dr. Phil: Aspire Initiative Review

Robin’s When Georgia Smiled organization has an initiative called the Aspire Initiative, which teaches people about domestic violence. Red flags, how to leave, how to recognize it, and everything else people might want to know. A lot of people don’t even know they’re in an abusive relationship.

Dr. Phil: Bystander Responsibility

Robin said that in the elevator tape of Ray Rice and his fiance, after Janay woke up from being unconscious, a lot of male bystanders stood around and watched. Later, a female bystander came over to comfort Janay. Robin said that if you stand and watch abuse, you’re as guilty as the abuser.


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