Dr Phil: George Gibson’s Attorney – No Evidence Of Child Abuse Claims


Dr. Phil: Child Abuse Claims Against George Gibson

Just as Jennifer got off to a disturbing start (to say the least), so did her mother. Their relationship began in a bar, where all lasting relationships are forged by the most savory of people. This when when Jennifer was  five, and by eight, the child abuse had started.

Jennifer says that she felt scared after the first incident and told no one of it because of it. With her memory blurry, Jennifer had no recollection of continued abuse until age 12, when the two first slept together. “That’s what we call [abuse],” said Dr. Phil when Jennifer spoke of the night the two “consummated” the relationship. After the first incident at age 12, it became a regular occurrence after that.


Dr. Phil: Jennifer’s Witness Against George Gibson

Dr Phil: George Gibson's Attorney - No Evidence Of Child Abuse Claims

George Gibson attorney Sam Shamansky attempts to silence Jennifer’s accusations.

Despite Jennifer’s testimony, the whole town was behind George Gibson, even her own mother. Without any witnesses to speak in her defense, though, proving anything was difficult. However, on Dr. Phil today, Jennifer brought on her best friend, Brittany, to act as a witness to Jennifer’s story.

Being a longtime friend of Jennifer’s, Brittany was around quite often. According to her, George would buy the two alcohol and drugs, partying right along with them. George tried to kiss Brittany on one occasion, and tried to put his hands down her pants on another, says Brittany. At age 13, she found some photos of Jennifer in posed, very compromising positions on a computer, and she suspects that it was George that took them.


Since George had been abusing her since age eight, it made it easier for him to trap Jennifer in a relationship and keep her under his complete control.

“No one wants to know her side of the story, ever,” says Brittany, “they just go off of whatever he says and base their opinion on that.” Brittany chalks this up to George being an expert manipulator and liar.

Dr. Phil: George Gibson’s Attorney – He Said, She Said

Naturally, with George Gibson having plead guilty and being in prison, Dr. Phil was shocked to hear George’s attorney, Sam Shamansky, say that there is no evidence of any abuse.

Shamansky immediately wanted to differentiate the verdict and reason behind it. First of all, all the charges of abuse when Jennifer was eight were dropped, due to lack of evidence, and George only plead guilty to four counts of battery to avoid the consequences of a trial, which could have landed him in prison for life.

Shamansky did not want want to give the impression that he does not think George to be innocent, because he did commit wrongdoings in engaging in the relationship that the court found to start at age 16, while he was considered her stepfather. What he is saying, however, is that there is no evidence to substantiate Jennifer’s saga of abuse that started at age eight.


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