Dr. Phil: George Gibson Abused Jennifer & Fathered Her Three Children?


Dr. Phil: George Gibson And Jennifer Not What They Seemed

For years, Jennifer seemed to be the average suburban mom, and then some. She took care of three children, was the team mom for her kid’s softball team, and all around seemed to be part of the average, comfortable family. This was all until one morning, when her husband, former police officer George Gibson, was arrested after a year-long investigation concluded that he had a decade-long relationship with a girl that started when she was only eight years old, while he was dating her mother. After the mother left George, the daughter stayed. Who’s that girl? It just so happens to be Jennifer.

Dr. Phil: George Gibson Was In 20s Abusing Eight-Year-Old Jennifer

Dr. Phil: George Gibson Abused Jennifer & Fathered Her Three Children?

George Gibson started abusing Jennifer when she was eight years old.


George Gibson met Jennifer’s mother when she was five, and the abuse started when she was eight, when George was in his mid-twenties. Finding it difficult to remember a time before the abuse, she says one of her first memories is of when she was eight, and George called her into his room and asked her to touch him while her mother was at work.

By age 12, the two had slept together for the first time. The night it happened, George had Jennifer smoke marijuana and do coke to make her feel “better.” After that, George had relations with her as often as he could–every two days or so, according to Jennifer’s approximation.

Dr. Phil: George Gibson Lured Jennifer Into Relationship

How did he get away with it? With her mom not around much, it was easy for George Gibson to coax Jennifer with gifts, and later, drugs. As a result, Jennifer initially saw George as the better parent, despite the damaging relationship he had pulled her into.


The abuse was also never violent. George was always kind in the bedroom, which made Jennifer a little more at ease, despite the intense fear that she was feeling during this confusing part of her life.

Dr. Phil: George Gibson Impregnates 15-Year-Old Jennifer At 32

By age 16, George Gibson had, at age 32, fathered a child through Jennifer, and she had no idea that what was going on was wrong. When she started to look at other families, however, she started to realize how wrong it all was, and that saddened her.

Despite an appearance of domestic bliss, Jennifer was regularly abused by George behind closed doors.

After leaving George at age 17, she soon returned at age 19, when they had their second child, with their third planned child coming soon after. After trying to leave him three times, she finally got out in 2011. This is where things began to be uncovered.

Dr. Phil: George Gibson Custody?

When George Gibson fought for custody of the children, someone in the child support office noticed that Jennifer was underage at the time of her first pregnancy, and after doing the math, called the police. Within three or so months of telling police her morbid story, the story was all over the news.

With charges piling up to the ceiling, it appeared that justice was finally going be served for Jennifer. However, when it came time for court, things went sideways.

Dr. Phil: George Gibson Charged With Abuse

In the courtroom, George Gibson had a row of 20 friends to support him in the case. Jennifer had two, neither of which was her mother. In fact, throughout the trial process, George and Jennifer’s mother were regularly hanging out.

When the dust cleared, George had taken a four-and-a-half year plea deal for battery. With the multitude of other charges, he was looking at life. Just how much did George Gibson get away with?


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