Dr Phil: Friends Fighting Over One Mom & Abuse Rates For Young Girls


Dr Phil: Family Divided

After a house fire, Jennifer’s family split in all different directions. She went off to live with her daughter’s former friend, Tori, and her baby. Jennifer’s kids went to live with their grandparents. Her daughter Alyssa feels that Jennifer is replacing her with Tori. She feels like she doesn’t have a mom anymore.

Dr Phil: Friends Fighting Over One Mom & Abuse Rates For Young Girls

Tori and Alyssa used to be good friends. After a house fire, Tori said that Alyssa blamed her for her mom not being around.


Dr Phil doesn’t see it that way. He sees the rift between the girls and Jennifer and her mother as the real problem.

Dr Phil: Tori’s Side

Tori told Dr Phil that she and Alyssa used to be close. After the fire, Alyssa started feeling that Tori was taking over and began pushing her away. She believes that Alyssa wants all of the attention and is a hateful person.

Jennifer was asked to describe both girls. She said that Tori is rebellious, respectful, a good mother and not a perfect person. She said Alyssa is mean, hateful, deceitful and evil. Alyssa was shocked that her own mom would say those things.


Dr Phil: The Other Daughter

While this fight is an issue, Dr Phil wonders if Jennifer’s priorities are in the right place. She thinks that they are pulling her down. She needs a reality check because she is barely getting by as it is.

An issue that concerned Dr Phil is Jennifer’s nine-year-old daughter. She wear skimpy clothing, dances in the front yard and sleeps in the same bed as two adult men. If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is. Jennifer assured Dr Phil that she has gotten rid of the skimpy clothing.

Dr Phil: Family Tree

This family tree is all out of whack. Living in Jennifer’s home we have Jennifer and her husband, Tori and her baby, her husband’s two children, Jennifer’s three children, Alyssa’s boyfriend and Jennifer’s ex-husband. That’s 11 people.

Dr Phil said that when a young girl lives with a man that is not biologically related to her, the abuse rates go up 33 times the average. Jennifer has a lot of thinking to do and eviction notices to send out if she wants to protect her family.


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