Dr. Phil: Former Call Girl Fights Sister For Custody Of Son


Dr. Phil: Christie Went From A Star Athlete To A Criminal

Christie had a promising future. She was a gorgeous star athlete in her high school and was set to go to college. However, her life hit a downward spiral, and all of that went away. Two months into college, Christie got pregnant with her son, Quincey, and dropped out. Things only got worse from there. Call girl Christie started running a hooking ring out of her own home, and would be turning tricks while Quincey was in the other room. Then there was another time where she got pulled over for drunk driving with no identification, and said she was Courtney, thereby stealing her identity. She even managed to make tabloid news when a tape with her and a former Saved By The Bell star in the bedroom got leaked.

Dr. Phil: Former Call Girl Fights Sister For Custody Of Son

From star athlete to call girl, Christie’s past is coming back to haunt her in her ongoing custody battle.


With all of that said and done, Christie served two and a half years in prison for DUI, hooking, and theft. During all of this, her sister, Courtney, started raising Quincey. Christie is currently serving a probation charge in Wisconsin for drunk driving, and when she gets off of that, Christie wants Quincey back, but until she can prove she is a fit mother, it is Courtney’s mission to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Dr. Phil: Christie’s Hustler Abused Quincey

When Christie went to jail, Courtney started taking care of Quincey, having no idea that she would be looking after him for almost three years. During this time, Quincey started to open up to Courtney about his life with Christine, and it did not paint a pretty picture.

Christie and her hustler would often get in fights where knives would be pulled, and he would also regularly kick Quincey, telling him to get out of the way. Add all of this to the fact that Quincey started referring to Courtney as “mom” and her husband as “dad,” which only muddied the waters of the sure-to-come custody battle even more.


When Christine got out of jail, she lasted only a few days with Quincey before she ran off with a man she had met. The mental anguish that he suffered at her hands infuriates Courtney, and she even says that she fears for his life if he were to live with her.

Dr. Phil: Former Call Girl Custody Battle

When Christie got out of jail, she says that she immediately got a job to get her life back together so that she could raise Quincey. When she started to call Courtney to tell her she wanted her back, however, Courtney would not answer the phone. She says they moved to a new address and wouldn’t tell her what it was. They claimed to always be out of town when Christie said she was coming to pick him up. They even said that they would spend whatever they had to to make sure Christie never got Quincey back.

When Christie flew to Arizona to pick Quincey up, Courtney agreed to meet her at the hotel she was staying at to drop him off. However, when Christie got there, Christie had pulled a fast one, showing up with a man that handed her papers indicating that Courtney had temporary custody of Quincey. In the report she wrote to gain custody, Christie says that she lied and embellished on Courtney’s shortcomings to win over the courts. In addition to all of that, it appeared that Quincey had picked up a few bumps and bruises that he said he got from Courtney. The plot thickens.

Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil Wants Quincey To Be With Christie…If It Is In His Best Interest

Dr. Phil thinks that it is always the best case for a child to be with his or her biological mother, but only if it is in his best interest. Dr. Phil has a lot of experience dealing with custody, and says that if it is possible, they should find a way to negotiate custody out of the courts.


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