Dr Phil: Finding Your Love Language & Measuring Love In Housework


Dr Phil: Household Chores Tear Couple Apart

Dr Phil: Finding Your Love Language & Measuring Love In Housework

Dr Phil found that Rhea’s love language is housework. In order to work things out with Nate, she needs to stop measuring his love in cleaning.

Rhea’s housework standards are very high. She makes detailed lists about the chores, and then her husband won’t do them. Nate said that his wife holds the housework over his head. He gets mad when Rhea says that he doesn’t love her because of the chores.


Recently, the couple had such a big fight that Nate moved out. He told Rhea over email that he wants a divorce. Rhea doesn’t want their marriage to end over household chores, so she asked Dr Phil to help.

Dr Phil: Rhea’s Nightstand & Control Issue

Rhea’s biggest complaint about her home is her nightstand, which Nate painted in the front yard. When the paint dried, the grass stuck to the base. Rhea doesn’t want to have anger over a piece of furniture. Dr Phil flew the nightstand to the studio just to see how bad it was.

The grass had been picked off over the last few years. She said she was working on letting go of control for Nate. She doesn’t want to emasculate him anymore.


Dr Phil: Love Languages

Rhea said that they don’t know how to make deals together. Dr Phil pulled the “Life Code” card on marriage.

Rhea said that cleaning the house is like a love note to her. Dr Phil thinks that they have different ways of showing love. Does Rhea want to be right or want to be loved? She said she would much rather be right some days. A recent study Dr Phil read said that women see taking out the trash as an act of love and men see it as a duty.

This couple needs to figure out what the other wants and give that to each other. Rhea has to tell him that she has been wrong and hasn’t loved him right. She knows that he loves her.


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