Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Exposed, Mother Debra & Adult Home Video


Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Exposed

Dr Phil spent his show talking about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham exposed and the rumors of an adult film she said was created for her personal use. How did this story affect her parents?

Farrah’s mother, a call center employee, got the news of Farrah’s latest exploits while she was at work. “It was a total shock, a total surprise,” Debra said, adding that she loves her daughter but does not condone her behavior.


Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Exposed, Mother Debra & Adult Home Video

Dr Phil talked with reality star Farrah Abraham’s parents about their daughter’s adult home video and her often strained relationship with mother Debra.

She said that her generation frowns upon photos and videos of private moments, especially for someone like Farrah with a high profile. People with notoriety seem to have a lot of trouble keeping their private pictures and videos out of the public eye.


“She’s got the talent and the skill. There’s no way that she needs to go down that kind of a path,” Debra said.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Adult Home Video

Farrah’s parents have not seen the video in question, and they have no interest in seeing it. Farrah continued to insist that she is not trashy.

Her father, Michael, said that technology can be used in a variety of ways and he considered this to be his daughter’s private business. “I’m not trying to condone this, because I think the facts are still trying to come out,” he said.

That is not a particularly helpful statement of defense.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham’s Mother

Debra was embarrassed by her daughter’s headline-making story. She wanted to see her daughter as a professional model or pursuing her culinary interests, but not becoming an adult film star.

Farrah said that this whole experience has not changed her self-perception. She does not care whether anyone takes her less seriously, and said she is used to that from reality TV.

She said she is working to create things to make the world a better place.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Vs Mother Debra

When Teen Mom star and reported amateur adult film actress Farrah Abraham was age 18, she called 911 to have her mother arrested when they had a physical altercation at their home. Debra was arrested, supposedly because she answered the door holding knives.

Dr Phil explained that the charges were later dismissed, but feels that Farrah does not want to listen to her parents’ advice. Instead, she just blames her parents for her problems.

Farrah said that she strives to be perfect, because Dr Phil said that is the way she tries to come across. She said that she does have flaws, but she could not name one specifically.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Family

Farrah’s mom, Debra, wants to have a closer relationship with her daughter, which she said she used to have in her life. All the turmoil in her daughter’s life, from pregnancy to death, drugs, and scrutiny, has taken its toll on her daughter.

According to Farrah, her relationship with her mother is at its best, because they both try their best every day. Listening to Farrah try to sound professional and proper was hilarious, because she does not have the world’s best grasp of grammar, but you can tell she thinks she does.


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