Dr. Phil: Ex-Model “Borrows” Someone’s Baby To Trick Her Boyfriend


Dr. Phil: Woman’s Fake Pregnancy To Get Back At Ex-Boyfriend

Michelle, a former model, was madly in love with her first serious boyfriend. The fly in the romantic cream, however, was that “serious” could have easily been exchanged for “on-again-off-again.” One day, his friends, who were trying to break the couple up, found a note about a missed period in Michelle’s purse and told him about it. Afraid to lose him, Michelle lied and said she was pregnant. She had already given up a modeling career to be with him, so she didn’t want things to come to an end now.

Dr. Phil: Ex-Model "Borrows" Someone's Baby To Trick Her Boyfriend

Michelle, an ex-model, stole a baby to win her boyfriend back.


Five months after she told him she was pregnant, they broke up. Michelle was heartbroken and wanted to hurt him back, so she continued to fake the pregnancy, even wearing a fake belly under her dress and posting pictures on Facebook. Thinking he would at least pay for baby supplies, Michelle thought she could recover some of the money that she had given to him over the course of their relationship. However, she hadn’t thought about what she was going to do when the nine months was up.

Woman Steals Baby To Fool Boyfriend

To get a baby, Michelle staged a fake casting call for a Bollywood film looking for a baby, where she could find a baby that looked like her boyfriend. Once she found the baby, she took it and snuck out the back door into a cab. This is, as you can guess, where the plan hit a snag.

Since Michelle had a history of running off when things got bad, her ex-boyfriend called the cops, thinking that Michelle was running off with his child. Michelle gave the baby over to the police, thinking she would go back to the casting call, grab her passport and disappear. When she returned, however, it was surrounded by police, and since she didn’t have money to pay off the cab driver with, her only option was to turn herself in.


Michelle’s Plan Spirals Out Of Control

At first, things worked out fine. She faked a pregnancy test, and then an ultrasound by taking the ultrasound photos from one of her friend’s pregnancies. Michelle is the first to admit that this plan was crazy from the get-go. She bought a fake baby bump and even named it Valentina. Heck, to get the money back that he owed her, Michelle even registered at Babies R Us so that the boyfriend would buy her baby things, which she would later return. She was going to use this money to finance…a singing career.

Take note, this couple had been broken up 10 times.


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