Dr. Phil: Estranged Daughter’s Family Believed She Was Pregnant


Dr. Phil: Estranged Daughter Explains Why She Left The Family

Todd’s estranged daughter, Cassie, had no relationship with her father and wasn’t sure if she wanted one with him, saying that he had called her grandparents home several times to try to get her kicked out.

Dr. Phil: Estranged Daughter's Family Believed She Was Pregnant

Todd’s estranged daughter Cassie insisted she was pregnant, in spite of mounting evidence to the contrary.


Her relationship with her sister wasn’t much better. Cassie said that they hadn’t spoken with each other in over a year. The reason here was much less malevolent, however, as she said that the two had simply fallen out of contact when she moved in with her grandparents.

After hearing Cassie’s reasons for no longer speaking with her family, the first thing he wondered was why Cassie hadn’t mentioned the abuse her father allegedly put her through that caused the death of her unborn baby. Cassie thought it was a given, and that was why she hadn’t bothered to mention it.

Dr. Phil: Cassie Explains Her Pregnancy

According to Cassie, an ex-boyfriend was the one who impregnated her. He was actually going to stay and be a father to the child, and was very upset when he found out that the baby had been lost.


Cassie said that she took a total of seven pregnancy tests over the course of two months to confirm that she was, in fact, pregnant. She continued to take pregnancy tests because she didn’t want to believe that she was pregnant.

Dr. Phil: Cassie’s Family Believed She Was Pregnant

Cassie’s family actually did believe her when she first said she was pregnant. This belief was all but shattered when they later found out from doctors that she had never been told she was pregnant by any of the doctors she consulted.

Faced with this, Cassie stuck to her guns, and even told Dr. Phil about how the doctors told her she could take over the counter prenatal vitamins if she deemed it necessary.


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