Dr Phil: Dora Needs a Chill Pill & Going Back To Abusive Ex-Husband


Dr Phil: Mama Drama

Leah just wants her mom Dora to calm down the theatrics. Dora claims she was miraculously cured from cancer and has a mile long medical list. Who knows what is really wrong, but Dr Phil is about to lay on the advice and put verbs in his sentences. The drama continues.

Dr Phil: Dora Needs a Chill Pill & Going Back To Abusive Ex-Husband

Dr Phil told Dora she needs to take a chill pill if she wants a relationship with her daughter.


Dr Phil: Leah’s Wedding Nightmare

Leah got married a few years ago and her mother called to tell her she wouldn’t be coming to the wedding. She said she had put a restraining order on Leah’s father days before the wedding. Leah felt that she was being made to choose. Her fiancé emailed Dora and told her where she could go if she didn’t come to the wedding.

In the end, Dora insisted she have an armed escort to the wedding.

Dr Phil: Dora’s Abuse

There is stuff that Leah doesn’t know about her mom and dad. Dora said she wanted to shield her kids from the pain that she went through. Her husband was abusive in the bedroom. Dora said she was tortured by Leah’s father. Leah had no idea the extent of the problems, but both Dora and her ex told Troy Dunn the details.


Dora kept going back to her ex in hopes of saving her family. She forgave him for everything he did, but she couldn’t forget. Her ex owned up to being a major contributor to the turmoil in her life.

Dr Phil: The Problem With Dora

Leah feels that her mom judges her parenting and Dora thinks that Leah is keeping her grandkids from her. Dr Phil said that Dora will not take ownership of the problems. She is still fooling around with her ex and closes her ear to what she doesn’t want to hear. Dora can’t get through a sentence without shifting into criticism, Dr Phil pointed out.

Leah fears her mother emotionally and thinks she is over sensitized to the world. Dora overreacts in an instant. Dora claims she has “grandparent’s rights” to see her grandkids. I’ve never heard of that, so she just proved the point of overreacting. Leah only wants a more relaxed relationship with her mother. Dora is refusing Dr Phil’s help and I feel bad for Leah.


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