Dr Phil: Disrespectful Fiancé & Abusive Mother-In-Law Ruins Engagement


Dr Phil: My Mom Hates My Fiancé

Audrey thinks that she can break up her daughter Nicole’s engagement. She doesn’t think that Nicole’s fiancé A.J. is the right man for her. She wants the best for her daughter, and A.J. is not the best in her eyes.

Dr Phil: Disrespectful Fiancé & Abusive Mother-In-Law Ruins Engagement

Audrey said she hates her daughter’s fiancé because he is disrespectful and lazy. A.J. said Audrey has been abusing him for months.


A.J hates being around Audrey. Audrey is not shy to tell him that he is a jerk, loser and not good enough for her daughter. Audrey wants to pull out all the stops and end this marriage before it begins.

Dr Phil: Is Nicole Settling?

Dr Phil is a little flabbergasted at how immature Audrey is acting. Nicole is 22 and an adult. He thinks that Audrey is compensating for her bad parenting and trying to lead her daughter in a different direction. Nicole wants her mom to back off. Audrey said that she did a good job raising her daughter, but A.J. would undo her good work.

Nicole thinks that A.J. is a good provider and father. She knows they fight, but she wants to work on it for her daughter. A.J. is not the father of her daughter, but she knows he could provide a stable and loving home. Nicole said they once had a great relationship, but it’s not what it used to be. Dr Phil wonders why Nicole would settle for not the best.


Dr Phil: Abusive Mother-In-Law

A.J said that his future mother-in-law gets frustrated and punches him. She resents that, but Dr Phil want to focus on the severity of the abuse. A.J. said he has been hit at least 10 times in the last three months. Nicole said it does look like it hurts when Audrey hits A.J. He thinks that it is coming from a place of hate.

It seems like Audrey is using elementary tactics to get A.J. to leave. If a kid pushes you enough, eventually they will fight back or run away crying. She hopes that he will go away for good.

Dr Phil: Crazy Liar

Nicole said that her mom is a “crazy liar” and stands behind it. Audrey once came to Nicole’s apartment and banged on her door until Nicole called the police. She is tired of her mother’s dramatics and abusive behavior.


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