Dr Phil Defends Julia From Abusive Boyfriend Danny & Anger Management


Julie Visits Dr Phil’s Private Office

Dr Phil Defends Julia From Abusive Boyfriend Danny & Anger Management

Danny admits that he has horrible anger management skills. Julie asks Dr Phil to defend her in this situation. She fears that Danny might kill her.

In a surprising twist, this episode of Dr Phil opened in Dr Phil’s personal office. His producer Justin told him that his guest was having some major problems in the days leading up to the show.


Julie flew in with her boyfriend, Danny. She has accused Danny of abusing her physically and mentally for years. He tells her that if she ever leaves him, he will kill her. When she put on makeup for the taping, Danny said it was okay. After the producers left, Danny wiped all of the makeup off. When they were on the way to Los Angeles for the show, Danny made her sit in the window seat and wouldn’t let her get up to use the bathroom. Her seven hour flight was a nightmare.

Dr Phil Promises To Stand Up To Danny

Dr Phil talked with his wife and Julie. Julie kept saying over and over how afraid she is of Danny. She refuses to go anywhere without Dr Phil. She got a text message from her daughter the day before and Danny beat her because she is not allowed to get texts.

Julie told Dr Phil that she wants to get away from Danny once and for all.


Dr Phil: Dealing With a Stalker Boyfriend

Julie was hired for a new job and Danny had a horrible tantrum over her boss texting her. She’s lost multiple jobs over his controlling and jealous ways.

Danny said that he loves Julie so much they feel like one person. He wants her by his side at all times. He talks to himself and calls her names when he goes into a rage. He said that he takes his frustrations out on water bottles so he doesn’t hurt her.

Is Danny Abusive Or Does Julie Start the Fights?

Danny doesn’t think that Julie should be afraid of him. He admits he has anger management issues, but he refuses to hurt her. Dr Phil thinks that his definition of harm is skewed. Dr Phil includes name calling and verbal abuse. Danny admitted that he has harmed her in that way.

Julie told Dr Phil that Danny has bitten her face, causing her to stay home for several days while it healed. Danny claimed that Julie was the one that started that fight. She was hitting and kicking him and he just wanted her to stop. Biting seemed like his only viable option.


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