Dr Phil: Dawn’s Marriage Meltdown & Having Kids Call James’ Mistresses


Dr Phil: Marriage Meltdown

A few months ago, Dawn caught her husband cheating on her. She asked him how long it had been going on, and he answered “three years.” Their kids told Dr Phil that they are caught in the middle and it’s tearing their family appart.

The kids don’t want to take their father’s side because he broke their hearts and betrayed their family. They wrote in to Dr Phil and he chose to take their case because he wants to be a voice for the kids.


Dr Phil: James Cheated

James told Dr Phil he doesn’t want to hurt his kids, but he wants out of his marriage. He has cheated four different times because he is not happy with his marriage. James said he wants respect from his wife.

There are flaws in James’ logic, Dr Phil said. He wants respect, yet he cheated?


Dr Phil: Calling James’ Mistresses

Dawn thought that her only contribution to this situation was her controlling behavior. Dr Phil was outraged that she would be so closed off and unwilling to take credit.

Dawn has cheated three times and lets her children look through her husband’s phone records. The kids call the repeated numbers and confront the mistresses. Dr Phil made her admit that this is a horrible thing to make kids do.

Dr Phil: Dawn's Marriage Meltdown & Having Kids Call James' Mistresses

James wants out of this marriage meltdown and Dawn wants to save it.

Dr Phil told Dawn that she shouldn’t let her kids get dragged into this melodrama. Dawn said she was being careful but there is no way to be careful with this.

Dr Phil: Physical Abuse In Their Marriage

During their 18 year marriage, things have gotten very physical. Dawn said that her husband has hit, punched and kicked her. James said that Dawn is verbally abusive. Dr Phil said there is no excuse for James’ behavior and doesn’t doubt that Dawn is also violent.

The incidents of abuse have gotten so bad that James has punched his son and daughter. His daughter had to go to the hospital and lie about what happened. They didn’t want their father to get in trouble.

Dr Phil: Living Multiple Lives

The kids have heard their parents fight and during one fight James said that his wife should have aborted their daughter.

Dawn told Dr Phil that she has had unprotected relations with multiple men. Dr Phil wondered if she is living a double life. It’s pretty clear that both Dawn and James are living separate lives and their kids are the ones suffering.


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