Dr. Phil: Daughter Lied About Being Pregnant & Pathological Lying


Dr. Phil: Cassie Claims Her Father Killed Her Unborn Baby

At age 16, 18-year-old Cassie claimed to have been with child, until her father attacked her in a brutal physical altercation in which he punched, kicked, and drug her by her hair through the yard. It is this event that Cassie said led to her having a miscarriage. “My father killed my baby,” she said.

Though it was expected that Cassie’s father, Todd, denied that any beating or abuse took place, it would seem that this wasn’t your typical scenario where a daughter was helpless against her father’s violent outbursts. In fact, it seemed to be quite the other way around.


Dr. Phil: Family Says Daughter Lied About Being Pregnant

Dr. Phil: Daughter Lied About Being Pregnant & Pathological Lying

Todd’s daughter lied about being pregnant. What else was she hiding?

Cassie’s sister, Patience, Todd, and the rest of her family have irrefutable proof that not only did the abuse never take place, their daughter lied about being pregnant to begin with. Citing sonograms and various doctor reports, the family built an airtight case against Cassie, who they say is a pathological liar.

“There is no chance that Cassie was ever pregnant,” said Patience, who was the first to call her a pathological liar. “Cassie is a pathological liar who manipulates every situation she can to her benefit” she said of her sister’s history of dishonesty.


Dr. Phil: Cassie Hasn’t Spoken To The Family In Months

It looks like Cassie’s pathological lying led to a lot more than just a distrusting family. Todd said that Cassie and him have not spoken in three months. Whenever they talk, Cassie creates drama and flings accusations at him, the most recent being the abuse that led to her (fake) unborn baby’s death.

Todd confirmed that a fight between him and Cassie did occur, but told quite a different story that Patience backed up. To call Cassie out on her lie, Todd drove to get her from her grandmother’s house, where Cassie was staying at the time, to bring her to the hospital for a  sonogram.  Cassie ran away, and Todd drug her back around the front of the house, where he restrained her and held her in place while waiting for the police.

The question now is, why had Todd’s daughter lied about being pregnant?


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