Dr Phil: Daughter ‘Knows’ Dad Is Still In Love With Wife Who Shot Him


Dr Phil: Ed’s Daughter, Mariah, Wants To Live With Mother

Leah and Ed’s 21-year-old daughter, Mariah, says that when Leah gets out of prison, she wants to live with her. Initially, Mariah was very angry with her mother for shooting her father. After Ed had been stalking and threatening her, she knew something bad was going to happen…but a shooting? However, Mariah did want to say that she thinks her mom is a great person and wants to grow up to be just like her.


Mariah Doesn’t Think Her Mom Should Be In Jail

Dr Phil: Daughter 'Knows' Dad Is Still In Love With Wife Who Shot Him

Despite the fact that Ed’s daughter thinks he’s still in love with Leah, Dr. Phil thinks he needs to address his PTSD first.

Leah is not, on any level, approving of her mother shooting her dad, but she doesn’t think she should be in jail for it. Ed was, after all, threatening her and her boyfriend, stalking her and interfering with her life on numerous levels. Ed was not letting her move on, and she finally did something to get the harassment to stop. Dr. Phil was baffled that Mariah didn’t think her mother should be in jail, and asked her what she thinks the punishment should be for shooting someone. With a knowing grin, Mariah nodded her head in agreeance with Dr. Phil’s rationale, saying simply, “true.”

Leah’s Message For Her Daughter

If there was one message Leah had for her daughter, it was that she made a stupid choice and that what she did was irrational and she has nothing but love for her children. Mariah knows she’s sorry, but what can she do?


Mariah – “I Know That My Dad Is Still In Love With My Mom”

Leah will be getting out of prison soon, and this obviously has everyone wondering just what the heck is going to come of Leah, Ed and their children. Mariah does not think that her parents should get back together, but she does think that her dad is still in love with Leah. Ed has made one failed attempt at love in the year and a half since the, shall we say, breakup, so maybe he’s just feeling lonely?

Dr. Phil had a little advice for Ed, should he decide to take another swing at love with Leah. First, Ed needs to maintenance his own psychological state, which Dr. Phil thinks is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Ed currently has such bad social anxiety disorder that he has to grocery shop at night so he isn’t around so many people. He also has boundary issues that need to be addressed. Dr. Phil offered his help, and Ed accepted.

Ready yourself for next year’s sequel to this saga “Ed Shot By Wife…Again.”


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