Dr Phil: Danny Williams Fake Passport & International Money Scam


Dr Phil: International Money Scam Artist

Is Danny Williams real? Angie is dead set on her UK boyfriend being the love of her life, but she’s never met him. She sent him $1,000 three days ago to appear on Dr. Phil and to meet her for the first time. She said he bought a plane ticket with the money but was not allowed to leave the country.

Dr Phil: Danny Williams Fake Passport & International Money Scam

Danny Williams’ fake passport and driver’s license still don’t send up red flags for Angie.


“He has a plane ticket,” Angie insisted.

“No, he doesn’t. He has your $1,000,” Dr. Phil told her.

A quick Google search for Danny Williams and his company, Bill Multi-Construction CC, turned up one lonely LinkedIn profile. There is no other evidence of his company being legitimate.


Dr Phil: Danny’s Amazon Gift Cards

Angie talked to Danny on the phone two days ago. She said they don’t talk often because it’s expensive. He did not recognize Angie’s voice and said very little. His one important question was, “Have you heard anything concerning the Amazon card?”

Angie bought him Amazon gift cards and sent him two Blackberry phones to sell. She thought he could get $2,000 from the phones in another country, but he now said he wasn’t sure. He talked about the money in the Cayman Islands, but was more focused on Angie sending the $150,000 to him.

The producer asked Danny if they could call him during the show to talk and Danny agreed.

Dr Phil: Where Is Danny Williams?

Dr. Phil has a theory about where Danny Williams really is. He thinks Danny sits in a cubicle and has many different people and profiles he pulls. He then gets money from all of them, scamming them out of thousands.

Dr Phil: Danny Williams Fake Passport

In the most fake passport and driver’s license ever, Danny Williams is clearly not real. Dr. Phil hired a private detective to look into the documents.

First of all, the photos in the documents are the same. The DMV and passport agencies take their own photos and do not allow you to bring in your own. Second, they are horribly photo edited. Danny’s hair comes up out of the photo frame on the passport! Angie thought that was weird and even tried to rub the television screen to get it to go away. She still believes Danny is real even though the signatures don’t even match.


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