Dr. Phil: Coping With Abuse & Moving On With Your Life After Trauma


Dr Phil: Tonya Wants Retribution

Tonya hates Bruce to such an extent that she wished he had shown his face on the show so that all of America could see him, find him and do all the sick and twisted things to him that he did to her. Feelings of rage are totally acceptable and understandable in a case like this, but Dr. Phil was quick to step in and say that he had no interest in outing Bruce and carrying out any sort of vigilante retribution.

Bruce’s Conduct Baffled Dr. Phil

Despite not wanting to carry out any acts of retribution towards Bruce, Dr. Phil was both baffled and shocked at Bruce’s attitude towards Tonya, who he was nothing but condescending towards. He showed her no respect whatsoever. The anger, resentment and bitterness that Tonya feels toward Bruce all lies at his feet. Coupled with the 10 years of emotional arrest that he put Tonya under, Dr. Phil was very displeased with Bruce’s conduct.


Always the witty one, Bruce told Dr. Phil that he was getting pretty worked up himself. Jaws across the nation had to be shoveled off the floor in unison.

Though Bruce said that he would be willing to participate in a therapy session with Tonya in the future, Tonya didn’t seem too receptive. The call was soon ended.


Dr. Phil: Coping With Abuse & Moving On With Your Life After Trauma

Dr. Phil got Tonya the help she needs to move past the abuse.

Dr Phil Wants Tonya To Take Control

Emotions run understandably deep with Tonya. She blames much of the dysfunction in her adult life on her childhood and even thinks that she deserves her sister’s life, and her sister deserves her life. Dr. Phil thinks that Tonya may distort her reality at times, but that she comes upon these feelings pretty honestly. However, Tonya needs to take control of her life at some point and stop letting what Bruce did to her control her.

Tonya Gets Help & Education

One of the biggest things that Dr. Phil thinks Tonya needs to do is forgive Bruce for the abuse and her family for the neglect. Harboring feelings of bitterness and hate towards someone keeps you locked into them, unable to let go. When you let go, you take power back. Dr. Phil wanted to get Tonya the help she needed to shed herself of the pent-up anger that she feels.

The last piece of help Dr. Phil offered Tonya was a free GED prep test so she can finally finish high school (she is 35 now), and Everest University wanted to offer Tonya a full scholarship to their university. If Tonya finishes with good grades, the university will even offer her help with job placement.

Today may have just been the beginning, but if Tonya takes full advantage of everything Dr. Phil has offered today, it looks like she may finally move past this history of abuse.


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