Dr Phil: Compulsive Lying & Tantrums Cause Danny To Protect Julie


Danny Fears That Julie Will Leave Him

Danny said that he has always treated women badly. He once attacked an ex-girlfriend and went to jail for a year and a half. He doesn’t want anyone to take Julie from him.

Dr Phil: Compulsive Lying & Tantrums Cause Danny To Protect Julie

Dr Phil thinks that Danny is the compulsive liar, not Julie. Danny believes that Julie is too unstable to get by on her own.


His biggest fear is that Julie will leave him. Julie filed a protection order against Danny when he tried to smother her with a pillow. He said that he never smothered her with a pillow, he was trying to stop her from “bugging out.”

Is Julie Lying About Her Plane Ride?

On their way to Los Angeles, Danny stopped Julie from getting out of her seat on the airplane. He told her that she couldn’t use the bathroom or walk up and down the plane. Dr Phil said that Danny has no right to impose his will on Julie.

Julie Attacked By Danny In Hotel

Julie told Dr Phil that the day before the taping she and Danny got into a huge fight. He heard her phone ring for a text message and told her she wasn’t allowed to have any texts. She was thrown onto the bed while he was trying to get her to stay. After the struggle, Julia got out into the hall and was screaming. Danny forced her back into the room and smashed her phone. She finally got away again and called Dr Phil’s producer.


Danny Tried To Protect Julie

Danny’s side is different. He told Dr Phil that Julie was freaking out and he had to restrain her from leaving or hurting herself. He said that he never gave her bruises, but he did force her to stay in the room. He said he never threw her on the bed, but held her there.

Dr Phil reminded Danny that he has no right to restrain Julie. If she wants to leave, it’s her right to leave.

Is Julie a Compulsive Liar?

Another day, Julie took $5 to buy toilet paper from Danny’s wallet. He called her a thief and a compulsive liar. Danny said that she is not the timid woman that she is pretending to be.

Danny has used nuclear words with Julie. He’s threatened to kill her, but thinks that they’re just words. He said that he holds his anger in or expresses it by smashing water bottles. He hears voices in his head telling him to hurt people and has to hold himself back.

Why Is Julie Still With Danny?

Danny’s number one fear is that Julie will leave him. Dr Phil asked him if he was holding on to Julie so hard that he would create what he fears. Danny wondered why Julie was even still with him if he scares her. Maybe because you threatened to kill her?


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