Dr. Phil: Christie Was Subjected To Abuse By Her Sister Courtney


Dr. Phil: Secret Pregnancy

Further evidence of Courtney’s mistreatment of Christie surfaced pretty quickly in the next segment. Christie told Courtney a few days ago that she was pregnant again, but only on the condition that she didn’t tell anyone. Well, that secret was out when Courtney announced it on national television. This is where Dr. Phil started asking the tough questions of Courtney, too.

Dr. Phil: Christie Doesn’t Buy Courtney’s Apology

Dr. Phil: Christie Was Subjected To Abuse By Her Sister Courtney

Christie was subject to humiliation and abuse by her older sister when they were younger.


Dr. Phil wants to know if Courtney is trying to help Christie or just kick her while she is down. She has done some pretty shady things in the past, and it isn’t surprising for someone to wonder. Courtney says that she loves her sister and apologizes for being mean to her when they were little, and that she is willing to do anything to help her out, but Christie is not buying it. With the long history of abuse that Courtney subjected Christie to, she doesn’t think she is being sincere now.

Dr. Phil: Sibling Abuse During Childhood

Christie does not paint a very pretty picture of Courtney, saying that she subjected her to all kinds of abuse. She says that, since she was always the misfit, Courtney got preferential treatment from their parents. One time, Christie ran a phone bill up to $1,500, and their mother let Courtney pick her punishment.

It felt like all Courtney wanted to so was embarrass and humiliate her, which was especially easy since Courtney felt like a co-parent to their mother, a position that came with power she had quite an affection for. Courtney fully admits to being an evil older sister, going so far as to tell Christie that she could wear her clothes, and then tear them off of her in front of everybody at school.


Dr. Phil: Christie Does Not Trust Courtney

Christie insists that Courtney is just straight up evil. Had the tables been turned Christie would have never subjected her to the things that Courtney put her through. She thinks that Courtney claiming to be a Christian while at the same time being extremely judgmental of her is awful. Christie does not trust her in any way, shape, or form.

Dr. Phil: Christie Is Ready To Have Her Child Back

She has a steady income and a safe place to live. Not only is it safe, it is also stable. She has only two female friends. However, there is that small thing where she is pregnant again. What’s the deal with that?


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