Dr. Phil: Child Advocate Areva Martin – Tim Not Ready To Be A Father


Dr. Phil: Child Advocate Areva Martin Doesn’t Think Tim Can Be A Father Yet

Areva Martin, a child advocate, came in to Dr. Phil to tell everyone what Tim needs to be do to get privileges to see his daughter again. Though Tim has started the therapy process, Areva Martin did not think that he is ready to be a father to this child. After seeing the way he flared up at Brittany on the show today, she does not think the courts will find him to be a suitable parent. His anger issues could put that child’s safety in jeopardy  She said that the courts will want to see Tim in therapy, parenting classes, and anger management classes before they’re convinced.

Dr. Phil: Child Advocate Areva Martin - Tim Not Ready To Be A Father

Child advocate Areva Martin says Tim needs anger management classes before he can think about being a father.


As for Brittany, Areva Martin praised the strides she has made to get her child back, but stressed that she can not be communicating with Tim in any way, shape, or form. The courts ordered that she not be in contact with Tim, and they mean it.

Dr. Phil: Krysten Needs To Keep Watch On Tim

Dr. Phil next turned to Krysten, and was very serious in saying that she needs to ensure that Tim gets into the programs that Areva Martin suggested he get into. Given that she has three children of her own that she needs to protect, he also told Krysten that she has to watch for any warning signs that Tim might be ready to have an outburst. Until Tim gets his maturity to the proper level, he is a high-risk candidate for abuse. Krysten’s duty is to her and her children first, and that means making sure Tim is doing what he needs to grow up.

Dr. Phil: Krysten Worries That Tim Is Talking To Men On Craig’s List

What worries Krysten more than the potential violence is Tim’s past of talking with men on Craigslist. Tim was very quick to say that he has no interest in that any more, and that it was something that happened in his past and is done with.

Dr. Phil said that he wasn’t trying to smear Tim, only to make sure that Krysten was fully aware of the not-so-favorable package deal that she gets along with Tim since she has decided to stay in a relationship with him. From here on out, everything that happens between Tim and Krysten is between those two, and Brittany will step out of the situation for good.



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