Dr Phil: Chandra & Jared’s Divorce Drama, Did Jason Abuse Their Kids?


Dr Phil: Chandra & Jared’s Divorce Drama

Dr Phil: Chandra & Jared's Divorce Drama, Did Jason Abuse Their Kids?

Dr Phil is getting tired of Chandra & Jared’s divorce drama.

Chandra and Ryan have been divorced for five years, but the drama has only escalated since their marriage dissolved.  Ryan sends his ex-wife vicious emails and calls her a criminal. Chandra’s new husband is accused of harming the children when they stayed at his home. Dr. Phil is about ready to shut this loony fest down.


Dr Phil: Chandra’s Affair

Jared helped Chandra get a job at the end of their marriage. She then proceeded to have an emotional affair with a co-worker. She said she told Jared about the feelings she was having and he assumed she was sleeping with another man. Chandra was kicked to the curb, where she met Jason on an Internet dating site. A few months later she was pregnant and they got married.

Dr Phil: Jason’s Side

There are so many sides to this story and they keep on changing. Jared accused Jason of hurting his children and locking them in a laundry room. Jason said that when Jared’s children are in his home he treats them like his own kids. Jared believes that Jason has an anger problem and the kids have told him they are scared of Chandra’s new husband.

Two years ago, Jason said they got their first family dog. Jared’s son was playing with the puppy and tied his leash and collar too tight. The dog was choking and Jason intervened. He owned up to making the bad parenting decision of put the leash loosely around the boy’s shoulders and putting him in time out to feel empathy for the dog.


Dr Phil: Problems With the Kids

Dr. Phil found out that the kids have 58 tardies and twice as many absences at school. Chandra said she has never taken the kids out and they always go to school when she’s with them. She said Jared is the one that takes them out every year for hunting trips in Nebraska.

Chandra also insinuated that Jared inappropriately touched their daughter. Dr. Phil thinks that the courts will have a field day with this taping of the show.


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