Dr. Phil: Cassie Designed Fake Facebook Pages Of Her Unborn Child

Cassie is a pathological liar who has been lying about being pregnant, even in the face in insurmountable evidence to the contrary. Cassie’s deluded world is made even more complete by the fake Facebook pages she designed around her fictional unborn baby.

Dr. Phil: Cassie Designed Fake Facebook Pages For Her Fictional Child

Family members saw right through Cassie’s fake Facebook pages. (1000 Words / Shutterstock.com)

Patience, Cassie’s sister, says that Cassies has her own Facebook page, another page called “Cass Cass,” a page for her fictional unborn daughter, and one more for a fictional friend of hers called Kourtnie, who Cassie claimed to have known since she was a little girl.

According to Cassie’s family, Cassie holds conversations across all four of these Facebook pages, maintaining a shoddily-constructed illusion that she had a baby at one point and has a friend named Kourtney. None of Cassie’s family or friends have ever met Kourtney, and Kourtney’s profile picture is a picture of Cassie.

Dr. Phil: Did Cassie Design The Pages As A Cry For Help?

Cassie’s father believes that Cassie has created these pages to try and figure out what is wrong with herself by having conversations with herself across these Facebook pages. He thought that Cassie was too afraid to ask for help, and so resorted to the Facebook pages instead to try and help herself.

Patience thinks that Cassie created Kourtney’s page because Kourtney lives the life she wants to live. Kourtney is married with children, and with Cassie having concocted a fake boyfriend and a fake child for whom the boyfriend was going to stick around and father, it is safe to say that Patience is probably correct. Oh, and Patience also discovered a few days prior to the show that Cassie had created a page for Kourtney’s husband, as well.

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