Dr Phil: Borderline Personality Disorder & Should You Get Married?


Dr Phil: Comparing Previous Relationships

According to Nicole, her agitated boyfriend Mehdi is constantly bringing up his ex, who died in a car accident. He thinks that she was the love of his life, and Nicole thinks she can never live up to the image he has of his late ex. Mehdi also accused Nicole of having Borderline Personality Disorder. Should they get married?

“Nicole is resentful, and she feels that she is always being compared to my previous relationship,” Mehdi said.


Dr Phil: Borderline Personality Disorder & Should You Get Married?

Should you get married? Dr Phil addressed his concerns about Nicole and Mehdi considering marriage. Mehdi claims Nicole has Borderline Personality Disorder.

Nicole said that Mehdi made it clear he did not want to have a child with her. He suspected that she intentionally got pregnant to trap him in the relationship.

Dr Phil: Should Nicole Have An Abortion?

Nicole accused Mehdi of pulling her down the stairs to prevent her from talking to his mother. She said he tried to convince her to have an abortion by buying her flowers; he said he was trying to reason with her.


Dr Phil asked Nicole whether she was putting on an act with her composed behavior. Mehdi feels like he is being attacked and “thrown under the bus” in his appearance on the show.

I’m not too clear on what part of Dr Phil’s summation of the accusations the audience felt it needed to applaud. This seems like a very unstable situation for a child.

Dr Phil: Borderline Personality Disorder

Though he did not agree with everything Mehdi said, Dr Phil agreed that Nicole needed to get real with him if she wanted help, which meant telling the truth.

Dr Phil said Nicole has a habit of self-medicating and had postpartum depression after having two children. She has taken a combination of alcohol and pain medication.

Nicole admitted that she is also bulimic and anorexic. Dr Phil listed her various struggles with addiction, self-esteem, and impulse control. Mehdi also accused Nicole of having characteristics of borderline personality disorder.

Dr Phil: Marriage Credit Rating

Mehdi said he does not know why the two of them would get married. Nicole said they have discussed marriage, but he was waiting for her to improve her credit.

Now that they have children and live together, he does not see the point in marriage, she said. Dr Phil questioned Mehdi’s sense of humor in relation to Nicole.

Dr Phil: Should You Get Married?

This all came about because Nicole wrote to Dr Phil asking whether she and Mehdi should get married. Since they are both contaminating the relationship rather than contributing to it, Phil felt they were not in a position to make their lives together work.

Dr Phil said that the couple needs to be strong as individuals and be able to put their children first in their lives. Dr Phil told Mehdi that Nicole was honest about her behavior, whereas he was resistant to admit that he bore any responsibility for the problems in their relationship. He admitted that he carries resentment about their past together.

Dr Phil: How Can I Improve My Situation?

Dr Phil suggested that Mehdi should focus on healing the wound of his ex-girlfriend who died in a car accident. He said that they should focus on finding a way to be loving co-parents, but that may not mean they should be together.

Neither of them asked how they could improve the situation, he pointed out. Since they did not seem sincerely interested in improving their situation together, he advised that they assess their lives and decide what makes the most sense to them moving forward as parents.

He told the couple they should not even consider getting married at this point in their lives.


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