Dr. Phil: Has He Attacked Women Before? Violent Husband’s Shady Past


Dr. Phil: Married Too Fast

Dr. Phil has been sitting down with Frank and Dana, who got married after knowing each other only eight weeks. Since getting married a year and a half ago, they’ve both run into a number of issues with the other one, although it’s mostly Frank who is the problem. He’s stolen money from Dana because of his extreme gambling problem and become abusive.

Dr. Phil: Has He Attacked Women Before?

Dr. Phil: Has He Attacked Women Before? Violent Husband's Shady Past

Dr. Phil reviewed Frank’s domestic violence record, with several complaints of abuse against Frank from women. Dana knew nothing about any of this. (Kovnir Andrii / Shutterstock.com)


Dana has called the police on Frank and he’s been arrested twice for domestic violence. Frank said he’s grabbed her arm before, but he’s never hit her or anything like that. Dr. Phil asked him if he had issues with anger before and if he’d attacked women before. He said he’s had problems with that before.

Dana didn’t know this. It never came up in those first 56 days before getting married.

Dr. Phil: Complaints Against Her Husband

In 2002, Frank had a simple battery complaint. The victim stated that he grabbed her by the throat, threw her to the ground, smashed her head against the ground, put her head through the wall, and shoved his fist down her throat. Frank said that’s what the police report says, but that’s not what happened.


Another incident in 2003 happened where the victim said Frank spit in her face, came to her residence, gave her a twenty page letter making comments about her lifestyle and that “God is going to deal with her”, and he asked her what it would be like to lose a child.

Frank said in that incident, the comment about her child wasn’t a threat. He had lost a child himself and he was asking how she would feel if she was in his place.

In the first incident, he claimed he told her to move out and then he left to give her space. When he came back an hour later, the police were there and her brother tried to attack him with a crowbar. The police arrested him and then they arrested Frank. Frank said the woman didn’t have a mark on her and he didn’t do anything.

Dr. Phil: They Shouldn’t Have Gotten Married

Dana has called the police twice on Frank. He’s got a gambling problem. He’s hacked into her accounts and stolen money from her and her children. He hacked into her business account and taken money. He’s sent her fake texts saying he was severely hurt. Dr. Phil said these are reasons why you should always be with someone longer than eight weeks before getting married. These things just don’t come up in that short time. Dr. Phil said anyone can be charming for eight weeks.


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