Dr Phil: April Holds Her Millions Over Jeff & Jeff’s Secret Cell Phone


Dr Phil: Cheating Spouses

Dr Phil talked to April and Jeff, a couple going through a very hard time. Their marriage was rocky and not perfect. April said she emasculated Jeff and always made more money than him. Jeff tried to please his wife, but said her constant nagging sent him into the arms of another woman.

Dr Phil: Jeff’s Secret Cell Phone

Dr Phil: April Holds Her Millions Over Jeff & Jeff's Secret Cell Phone

April and Jeff are in the middle of a nasty situation. Jeff has been cheating on his wife and still mooching off her millions. April said she hates that her husband doesn’t provide. Who is in the wrong?


April knew her marriage was in trouble, but finding Jeff’s secret cell phone was the final straw. She searched his car and found the phone that his mistress bought him so they could communicate. She found hundreds of racy photos of Jeff and the woman. The photo that sent her over the edge was of the woman in April’s kitchen. She felt violated and sick.

Jeff said the romance started when April was being emasculating and physically abusive toward him. He met his mistress while running his coffee shop. April hated the coffee shop and thought it was a waste of money. The woman made Jeff feel like a man and told him how great he was. They began sleeping together and had a long affair.

Dr Phil: April’s Millions

While April said she wants her marriage to work she’s very concerned about Jeff’s selfishness and his inability to provide for their family. She said that she has been making millions while he mooched off her. She bought him a lot of things, including a Harley motocycle that he refuses to get rid of. They are $50,000 in debt and he wants April to step up and fix it.


April said if they are to get back together Jeff needs to drop the “loser” and sell his stuff. She wants a man that provides for her and her son. April said that material posessions mean nothing to her, but she is really hung up on her millions and Jeff’s money sucking tendencies.

Dr Phil: Parent Child Position

Dr Phil said the problem here is that April holds her success over Jeff. Jeff is still wrong for cheating, but they have serious dysfunction here. Jeff blames April for what she did and April isn’t sure what to do. Dr Phil said that April and Jeff are in a parent and child position, not a husband and wife position. They need to step up and own their junk.


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