Dr Phil: Alfred Angelo Bridal Shop Review & Romance Scam Emails


Dr Phil: Western Union Love Scam

How does Joy send Donny, her catfish text message husband, money? Let me count the ways. On Dr Phil, she mentioned Western Union, Moneygram, and Green Dot, which are all financial methods that are easily exploited to prey on people like Joy who are being scammed.

“Western Union stopped me for sending money, because they said I was sending it too often,” Joy said, which should be a tipoff. Dr Phil reminded us all about her year-and-a-half relationship with fiance Donny.


Dr Phil: Alfred Angelo Bridal Shop Review

Dr Phil: Alfred Angelo Bridal Shop Review & Romance Scam Emails

Dr Phil followed Joy to the Alfred Angelo Bridal Shop, where she chose a gown but got into a fight with catfish fiance Donny about recording his voice.

What happened when Joy went shopping for a wedding dress with a $3,000 budget? Dr Phil sent cameras to see her try on dresses at Alfred Angelo Bridal Shop in Beverly Hills. Did she find the perfect dress for her fall wedding?

Joy really seemed to enjoy trying on different wedding gowns, which “makes it feel more real.” She said that Donny thought she would wait for him before picking a dress, and that his favorite color is blue.


Dr Phil: Recording Donny’s Voice?

She got excited about finding a dress she liked, so she decided to get Donny on the phone and share the good news. He did not take it well when she told him that The Dr Phil Show wanted permission to record his voice.

“He thinks I’m lying to him, and he thinks someone’s trying to track him down,” Joy tearfully replied when Donny tried to cut ties with her over this breach of trust. “He’s thinking of killing himself,” she reported.

Dr Phil: Where Is Donny From?

After that incident in the bridal shop, Joy and Donny made up. Dr Phil pointed out that Donny seemed to know who Dr Phil was, and did not like that idea. Dr Phil said that Donny does not sound like he is from Alabama.

That’s because he was born in the UK, according to Joy, but moved to the US as a young child. “He has a French accent because he spent a lot of time around French people and picked up that accent when he was in the military,” she added.

Dr Phil: How Much Did Joy Send Donny?

Dr Phil showed Joy a banker’s box full of binders and research on Joy’s story, including her claims regarding the military. Joy met Donny in November 2012, and soon sent him $3,000. She does not even remember what the money was for, but she claimed that the US Air Force was not feeding its troops.

A few months later, she sent him over $5,000, and by spring 2013, she sent him $15,000, because Donny’s friend Fred got shot. Through spring of 2014, she has sent a grand total of almost $52,000 to Donny in about 18 months.

Dr Phil: Romance Scam Emails

What about all the emails that Donny sent to Joy? Dr Phil’s team of producers probably did some quick Googling to come to the obvious conclusion that this is a well-known scam email. “He didn’t write this,” Dr Phil pointed out, before moving on to another email that detailed her watching him sleep, which was impossible since they have never met in person (partly because he does not exist).

Joy said that she also plagiarized emails to him, but Dr Phil countered that he didn’t send her $50,000.


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