Dr Phil: Abusive Father Says Daughter Doesn’t Understand His Addiction


Dr Phil: Bruce Gets On the Phone With Tonya

Dr Phil: Abusive Father Says Daughter Doesn't Understand His Addiction

Bruce told Tonya that she made things worse for herself by not getting therapy earlier.

Bruce wanted to say a few things to Tonya. He says that he wanted to stop the abuse, but couldn’t, and that no matter how many times he told Tonya sorry throughout the process, he couldn’t stop. There is not a day that goes by where he doesn’t look in the mirror and feel regret.


Needless to say, Tonya isn’t buying it. She listed numerous occasions where Bruce could have apologized but didn’t. She believes that Bruce is not sorry for what happened, he is sorry that he got caught. He would probably still be doing what he was doing to this day had he not been arrested.

Bruce Tells Tonya She Made Things Worse By Not Getting Therapy

After Tonya rightfully called out Bruce for what he did and got her feelings out there, Bruce’s only retort was that Tonya made things worse by not getting therapy earlier. Tonya wants nothing to do with Bruce. Since she couldn’t say everything that she felt because of the censors on national television, she told Bruce to simply “rot in hell.”


Bruce Tells Tonya That She Doesn’t Understand Addiction

When Dr. Phil asked Bruce if it was true that the 10 years of abuse really happened, Bruce did not try to hide it. Bruce claims to have told himself what he was doing was wrong during those 10 years, but Tonya says that means nothing because it wasn’t enough for him to stop what he was doing. Coming back with another one of his enlightened retorts, Bruce said to Tonya that she is not aware of the addictive nature of addiction if she can say that. This is what’s called “blaming the victim.”

All in all, Bruce put on a pretty apt display of what a disgusting human being is, and Tonya was quick to tell Bruce about the special place reserved in the fiery depths for men like him.


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