Dr. Phil: Abuser Gets Therapy & Making Excuses For An Abuser


Dr. Phil: Gina Making Excuses For An Abuser

Jeremy’s therapist has told him that he needs to get away from the fights as soon as possible, and he has tried, but Gina has stopped him. Dr. Phil said that this needs to change, starting with Gina resolving to herself that she will never allow herself to be beat on ever again for the rest of her life. Gina always making excuses for an abuser.

Gina made an excuse that there were times where Jeremy cut off her cell phone, but, given that they’ve been together for 2.5 years, Dr. Phil was not hearing this excuse. Gina has had opportunities to reach out, but hasn’t. He told her, however, to take pride in the fact that she got herself on the Dr. Phil show. Gina’s been watching the show since high school, and he was shocked that it took her this long.


Dr. Phil: Gina In Denial About Abuse

Dr. Phil: Abuser Gets Therapy & Making Excuses For An Abuser

Dr. Phil made Gina understand that making excuses for an abuser is never okay.

Gina didn’t want to see Jeremy as an abuser, but he is, and Dr. Phil said that Gina only loves who she wishes Jeremy was, and that, if Gina leaves, she will only miss who she wish left, but it won’t be Jeremy. Dr. Phil said that it’s okay to not accept Jeremy as he was, because he was not acceptable as he was, and that he was going to get him help.

Dr. Phil didn’t think that Jeremy was a bad guy, he was just acting like a bad guy and needed help so that he can stop acting like a bad guy. If you followed all of that, you can probably also understand that, while Dr. Phil said it was okay for him to stand up for Jeremy, it was not okay for Gina to. Once again, she needed to stop making excuses for an abuser.


Dr. Phil: Self-Esteem Issues In Abusive Relationship

Dr. Phil didn’t want to hear Gina say that her nearly non-existent self-esteem wasn’t the issue here, and Gina acknowledged  that by saying that she hated herself, which came as no surprise to Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil said that, before any help can be administered, she had to acknowledge her very real self-esteem issues and the excuses she was making for her abuser.

Gina agreed that it was not okay for Jeremy to beat her, cheat on her, isolate her, and otherwise abuse her, and Dr. Phil said that if Jeremy can’t change these things, then she has to get out of this abusive relationship.

Dr. Phil: Help For An Abusive Relationship

Finally, Dr. Phil turned to Jeremy, who fully understood that he had to change his behavior.  Jeremy hated himself for the abuse that he subjected Gina to, and Dr. Phil he just needed help not just understanding, but living and acting by the idea that it is not okay to hit a woman…ever. Dr. Phil said that, if things didn’t change, he would haunt Gina until she prosecuted Jeremy.

What Dr. Phil said needed to be done was to remove Jeremy’s need to vent the rage he was feeling inside not just to change the course of this abusive relationship, but for peace in himself, as well. Once he gets the help he needs, he can come to Gina as a respectable father.

Dr. Phil said that the help he was going to get would not be fun or easy, but ultimately, healing his inner self was the only way he could take up the mantle as a protector, provider, leader, and a teacher—none of which he is doing right now.

To start, the couple would be helped individually, but it would eventually bring them both together. The beleaguered couple accepted this help with open arms.


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