Dr Phil: Absent Mother’s Apology + Scraps of Motherhood For Adult Kids


Dr Phil: Absent Mother’s Apology

After abandoning them to foster care and living homeless in tunnels, can a woman give her four daughters scraps of motherhood? Cindy was ready to reunite with her daughters, and Dr Phil brought oldest daughter Amber in first. Amber told her mom she loved her and she hoped that her mother would get through her struggles and become a mother to her and her siblings.

Through tears, Cindy apologized for her mistakes, while Amber expressed how hard it was to have her mother absent from her life, when she and her sisters had no idea where their mother even was at times.


Dr Phil: Absent Mother's Apology + Scraps of Motherhood For Adult Kids

After abandoning them to foster care and living homeless in tunnels, can a woman give her daughters scraps of motherhood? Dr Phil hosted an emotional reunion.

Sister Ashley came in next and gave her mother a hug. Cindy said that she has had regrets every day, while Ashley said she felt like she should not have had to beg for her mother’s attention. She said her mother’s presence would have prevented some of her lasting life problems.


Dr Phil: Anger at Mother’s Abandonment

Angela came in next, wishing that her mother would be able to get past her demons and be a part of their family. It was a very emotional time for all these women, who struggled to confront decades of hurt feelings and raw emotions.

Ashley said that she should not have to rely on Amber to fill a motherly role in her life, just because Cindy won’t engage with her own children. Last up was Atisha, who at age 22 met her mother for the very first time.

Atisha said she felt confused and sad about meeting her mom. “I’m happy that she’s OK, but still angry,” she admitted.

Dr Phil: Scraps of Motherhood

Dr Phil explained Cindy’s own horrific past to her daughters, without excusing the impact of her own devastating choices on her offspring. Cindy tearfully heard for the first time how many foster homes her daughters lived in through the years.

Troy Dunn said he was amazed at how generous Cindy was with fellow homeless people while living in a tunnel. Why would she not extend those same kindnesses to her own daughters? “They, I believe, would be grateful for scraps of motherhood,” he said.

Ashley did not buy her mother’s excuses that her own mother set a bad example. All these women are now mothers themselves, and they learned what not to do from Cindy’s poor example.


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