Dr. Phil: Is He An Absent Dad Or Is She Making It Hard to See His Son?


Dr. Phil: Mother Terrified of Her Son

Dr. Phil has been talking to Amie, who is terrified of her 7-year-old son Jayden because of his violent outbursts. She also claims that Jayden’s father, Chad, isn’t in his life. Meanwhile, Amie has been posting videos of her son’s tantrums online, which have received so many views, she’s now able to make money off of them.

Dr. Phil: Absent Father

Dr. Phil: Is He An Absent Dad Or Is She Making It Hard to See His Son?

Dr. Phil wondered whether Chad was really an absent father or if Amie was making it impossible for him to be a parent. (Sam72 / Shutterstock.com)


Amie said that Chad has only seen Jayden five times in the last nine months. Chad has missed the last two Christmases and the last two birthdays. She says he didn’t even call the last birthday. Chad recently got married for the fourth time. Jayden didn’t meet any of Chad’s wives until they were already married.

“I feel that Chad is completely focused on himself and not his son,” Amie said.

Dr. Phil: Making It Impossible For Him To See His Father

Chad says that Amie makes it impossible for him to be in Jayden’s life and that he’s sick of her posting videos of their son. Chad’s new wife Brenda has to be the mediator between the two of them. Chad said Jayden needs him in his life more than ever, but every time he wants to see his son, it has to be on Amie’s terms. Amie will only let him see Jayden if he comes over to her house.


Chad said he was upset he wasn’t able to see his son for Christmas or his birthday. Brenda said that Jayden needs Chad in his life, because every little kid needs their father. In the studio, Brenda and Amie said they got along okay.

Amie said she doesn’t want Jayden over Chad’s house because back in November, she called CPS because Chad had grabbed Jayden by the neck and said, “If your mom wasn’t here, I’d beat your a**.”

Dr. Phil: Choosing To Hurt Their Son

Dr. Phil showed one of the videos at this point, because he really wanted everyone to understand what they were talking about. The video showed Jayden shouting obscenities and attacking everyone. Chad said that it seemed to him that the more Amie touches him, the more upset he gets. Chad said he doesn’t behave that way with him.

Dr. Phil said that the bickering between Chad and Amie needs to stop, because they’re hurting him every time they make that decision. He said it was important to him to look them in the eye and tell them that when they make that choice, they’re choosing to hurt their son.


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