Dr. Phil: Is She Addicted To Painkillers? Abusive Marriage Should End


Dr. Phil: Abusive Marriage

Dr. Phil has been talking to Jay and Jaime, a couple who wanted to get back together despite Jay physically and verbally abusing Jaime when they were married, to the point where she stopped going to the ER because she was worried he was going to go back to prison.

Dr. Phil: Is She Addicted To Painkillers?

Jay says Jaime is addicted to pain pills. He says that before she was addicted, she had control over her behavior but now her behavior is completely irrational. He says she won’t admit that she has a problem.


Dr. Phil: Is She Addicted To Painkillers? Abusive Marriage Should End

Dr. Phil told Jay that he should be evaluated to get his abuse under control and Jaime that she needed to quit taking pills. (Tarchyshnik Andrei / Shutterstock.com)

Jaime says the real problem is Jay’s parenting. Jay said despite what he said at the beginning, he does care about his child now. Jaime says that when she and Jay aren’t together, Jay doesn’t want to see his child. She didn’t consider him an active part of her son’s life.

Jaime admitted to her addiction. She said she was on the painkillers during the interview. Dr. Phil said that after a while painkillers can cause pain, rather than alleviate them.


Dr. Phil’s Advice For This Couple

Next, Dr. Phil gave his opinion. He said that Jay has a problem with impulse control. He said all it takes is someone calling about Jay for domestic violence and it’s a violation of parole. He’ll go right back to prison. Dr. Phil said Jay should remember the day he told him that if he didn’t stop his behavior, he’s going back to prison.

Dr. Phil said that Jaime wasn’t off the hook, either. He said at some point, someone is going to look at her and see her drug use and see that she’s putting herself in a relationship with a violent and volatile man that puts her and her baby in jeopardy and the Department of Child and Family Services and take her baby away because she’s not making good decisions for her baby.

Dr. Phil said that their 7-month-old baby isn’t old enough to have a voice, so he wanted to be the voice for the baby. “You’re going to shut this down or I’m going to shut it down for you,” Dr. Phil said.

Dr. Phil: Will They Accept Help?

Dr. Phil offered both of them help. He offered Jaime the chance to go to a trauma center called OnSite to help her get over her drug addiction and trauma. He also offered Jay the chance to get treatment because he felt that Jay was in a “neurological loop” that caused him to do what he’s doing involuntarily. Dr. Phil he offered to fly him to Dallas, Texas, to the Lawlis PNP Center to do a complete work-up and intervention to help him figure out what his issues were.

Both Jay and Jaime accepted and Jay started to cry.


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