You Can Love Someone Without Loving What They Do & Proverbs 31 Women


Dr. Phil: Proverbs 31 Woman

Dr. Phil has been talking to Renee, who endured abuse at the hands of her husband Kirby for years, until finally she videotaped her husband spanking her with a wooden spoon and took that video to police. Yesterday, Dr. Phil talked to her husband Kirby and heard his side of the story, where, among other things, he said that Renee failed to be a “Proverbs 31 woman” for him, which he said she was supposed to do because they’re married.

You Can Love Someone Without Loving What They Do & Proverbs 31 Women

Dr. Phil talked to the experts to discuss Kirby’s misuse of scripture to justify his own warped behavior. (Gordo25 /


Proverbs 31 is the place in the Bible that outlines the qualities that a good woman should possess. Writer Rachel Lee Clarkson was listening to the conversation and she said that it’s a woman speaking in Proverbs 31. She’s speaking to her son about the qualities he should be looking for in a woman. Rachel said it’s not supposed to be a passage that traps women into a role, it’s supposed to empower and inspire the value that women have.

Dr. Phil: Misusing Scripture To Justify Terrible Behavior

Kirby also compared himself to Jesus, said he was beating his wife to get the demons out of her (which he claimed was in the Bible, but isn’t), and that he wanted his wife to repent her sins so they could be together again. Dr. Phil asked Pastor DeVon Franklin for his opinion.

He said it was sad to see a man to twist scripture to justify his irrational behavior. He said he hoped Kirby sees the light and stops using scripture in that way.


Dr. Phil: Mother of an Abuser

Dolores, Kirby’s mother, joined them on the phone. She said Kirby was her son and she loved him, but there was a lot of things she didn’t agree with. She said spanking a woman wasn’t right. But she added that Kirby “took a lot” from Renee and that he loves her.

Dr. Phil said that it’s possible to love someone without loving the things that they do and he said he would expect a mother to support his son, even when he does wrong. He said he hoped Dolores would love her son enough to tell him the truth about what she doesn’t agree with. He also said he’s glad Kirby has someone in his corner to help him turn himself around.

Dr. Phil’s Solution For The Family

Dr. Phil said he was going to get Kirby the help he needs with his delusions and his anger. He was going to arrange him “some handpicked serious help”, starting with a Christian counselor who Dr. Phil hoped would help straighten out his faith so he could get at the truth of his condition.


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