Dr Phil: Teenage Rage Issues Cause Mother to Fear for Her Life At Home


Dr Phil June 14 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: This episode of Dr Phil has aired…

Dr Phil is dealing with an extremely troubled teen on June 14 2013. Phyllis and Barry said that their son, Brandon, is full of rage. He’s run at his mother with scissors, kicked and punched her. It’s all been caught on camera. Dr Phil wants to meet Brandon face to face to figure out what makes him so angry.


Dr Phil: Teenage Rage Issues Cause Mother to Fear for Her Life At Home

Dr Phil June 14 2013. Phyllis and Barry fear for their lives at home with their teenage son, Brandon, who exhibits signs of rage issues, like fire starting.

Parents Turn to Dr Phil About Raging Teenage Son

Brandon is a teen with a lot of anger. His family has caught him on tape beating up his mother and saying that he could hurt her if he wanted. Phyllis and Barry are afraid that Brandon will snap one day and kill the whole family, as he has threatened to do. The family now take safety precautions against Brandon, checking his room and clothing for weapons.

In Brandon’s room, Phyllis has found piles of women’s underwear and burn marks. The burn marks go around his window and and on the carpet. They’ve even found some on the roof of their home. Barry and Phyllis don’t know where or how the women’s underwear got there. They’ve also discovered burned cotton balls in Brandon’s room.


The family fears the worst for Brandon. On June 14 2013, they turn to Dr Phil as their only hope.

Dr Phil’s Warning Signs for Troubled Teens

Dr Phil speaks with Brandon on June 14. He’s seen some very worrying signs in Brandon’s life that don’t bode well for his interactions with society.

Among the warning signs are: violence, cruelty to animals, fire setting, playing with feces, rebellion to authority, misfit socially, unusual sexual adjustment with fetish-type behavior, violence against himself, making threats to self and others, destruction of property and a lack of empathy.

Check back here on June 14 2013 for the full recaps from this episode and what to do if your teen is exhibiting these symptoms.


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