Dr. Phil: Stephen’s Violent Alcoholic Rage Threatens Parents’ Lives


Dr. Phil: June 3 2013

On Dr. Phil June 3 2013, Stephen talked about his alcoholic rage problems and how they threaten the lives of his parents. Dr. Phil arranged an intervention.

Dr Phil: Police Confrontation, Rage Blackouts & Adult Temper Tantrums

Dr. Phil: Stephen's Violent Alcoholic Rage Threatens Parents' Lives

Stephen talked about his alcoholic rage problems with Dr Phil.


Stephen is a 25-year-old rageaholic that lives at home and has no job. He steals  from his parents regularly, breaks their possessions and their house, and threatens his parents with death on a regular basis. After calling the police on him multiple times, they thought it was time to come to Dr. Phil.

Dr Phil: Adult Temper Tantrums, Rage Blackouts & Police Confrontation

Dr Phil: Adult Vs Toddler Temper Tantrums & Parents Emotional Agenda

Dr. Phil told Stephen’s parents that they aren’t letting him stay in their house to help him, they just think they would be failures as parents if they let him live out on the street. Dr. Phil said that the only difference between Stephen’s adult temper tantrums and a child’s temper tantrums was that Stephen is taller.


Dr Phil: Parents Emotional Agenda & Adult Vs Toddler Temper Tantrums

Dr Phil: Abusive Adults, Rage Blindness, & Stimulant Medication Rage

Stephen’s parents can’t sleep soundly at night for fear of being murdered by their son. The have locked all of their weapons up and sleep with the bedroom door locked. Dr. Phil asked Stephen if he wants to exhibit adult behavior, and he did, because the emptiness he feels after his blind rage is the worst feeling.

Dr Phil: Stimulant Medication Rage, Abusive Adults & Rage Blindness

Dr Phil: Dallas P&P Center Treatment & Neurological Storm Blackouts

Dr. Phil was worried that Stephen might kill his parents. His neurological storms cause him to spin out of control, and told him about the Dallas P&P Center for treatment and an anger management intervention.

Dr Phil: Neurological Storm Blackouts and Dallas P&P Center Treatment

Dr Phil: Violent Alcoholic Rage Vs Pregnant Fiance & Enabling Drinking

Stephen’s violent alcoholic rage spilled over into his relationship when he attacked his pregnant fiance. She thought it was time for him to grow up.

Dr Phil: Enabling Drinking & Violent Alcoholic Rage Vs Pregnant Fiance

Dr Phil: Alcohol Rehab & Jealousy Vs Trust Relationship Challenge

Dr. Phil started Stephen on his path to growing up by offering him outpatient therapy so that he could start being a true father to his children.

Dr Phil: Jealousy Vs Trust Relationship Challenge & Alcohol Rehab


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