Dr. Phil: Stalker Friend Tries To Ruin Marriage & Feuding Sisters


Dr. Phil: June 11 2013

On Dr. Phil June 11 2013, Tracy’s stalker friend Jinda is diagnosed with a type of personality disorder, while Holly and Kari are two sisters that haven’t spoken in three years after Kari cheated on her ex-husband and left the family. The family sided with the ex-husband after the divorce and Kari was ostracized. Can she win her relationship with her family back?

Dr Phil: Stalker Friends & What To Do When Friendships Go Too Far

Dr. Phil: Stalker Friend Tries To Ruin Marriage & Feuding Sisters

A stalker friend started to call her victim’s children her “babies.” How weird is that?


After Tracy met Jinda while buying a cake for her daughter’s fourth birthday, things started to get weird when Jinda exhibited stalker behavior such as calling Tracy’s children her “babies” and inserting herself into Tracy’s life. Jinda even tried to break up Tracy’s marriage to get her back as a friend when Tracy broke off the friendship.

Dr Phil: What To Do When Friendships Go Too Far & Stalker Friends

Dr Phil: Playing The Victim & “My Friend Is Too Obsessed With Me”

After Tracy, against her better judgement, took part in Jinda’s wedding, Jinda sent a multitude of creepy texts to Tracy, and even drove by Tracy’s house on numerous occasions for no reason. Tracy ended the relationship soon thereafter. After Dr. Phil put her on the spot, Jinda said that she felt like she was being made the villain, but Dr. Phil said that she is just playing the victim.


Dr Phil: “My Friend Is Too Obsessed With Me” & Playing The Victim

Dr Phil: Diagnosing Personality Disorder & Trying To Ruin A Marriage

After seeing all of the stalker-like behavior, it was clear to Dr. Phil that something was mentally wrong with Jinda. After some evaluation, Dr. Phil diagnosed Jinda with Multiple Personality Disorder B or C.

Dr Phil: Diagnosing Personality Disorder & Trying To Ruin A Marriage

Dr Phil: Sister Sides With Sister’s Ex-Husband In Custody Battle

Kari cheated on her husband, which led to a divorce and custody battle. What struck her as offensive, though, was that her sister, Holly, sided with her ex-husband during the divorce hearing and the custody battle, where she wrote affidavits to the court saying what a bad mother Kari was.

Dr Phil Sister Wars: Should You Be Moral Police In Your Family?

Dr Phil: Dealing With Toxic Relationships & Sibling Wars

Holly said that she hated Kari because she found her to be manipulative, and Kari hated Holly because she felt that she was alwats playing moral police in her life. Dr. Phil eventually got the two to start sorting things out, and said that even if they don’t apoligize just yet, they do need to start loving each other.

Dr Phil: Sibling Wars & Dealing With Toxic Relationships


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