Dr. Phil: How To Repair A Relationship Between Mother And Daughter


Dr.Phil: June 12 2013

On Dr. Phil June 12 2013, a mother and daughter who can’t seem to agree about anything came on the show to try to reconcile their differences. While Lynn, the daughter, was still trying to get past the fear she was left with after her father died in a car crash, Anne, the mother, couldn’t find it in her heart to believe just about anything her daughter ever told her. Dr. Phil set out to repair a relationship on today’s show.

Dr. Phil: Arguing About Abuse, Lying, And Affairs

Dr. Phil: How To Repair A Relationship Between Mother And Daughter

Dr. Phil instructed Anne and Lynn on how to repair a relationship between mother and daughter.


Lynn said that she feels totally alienated from the rest of the family, and that her mother gives favor to her brother. Not only that, but she has hit her and even made her bring flowers to a man she was having an affair with. As for Anne, she said that Lynn has lost 30 jobs, and that she trusts her so little, that she won’t even her Lynn in the house for fear of her stealing something.

Dr. Phil: Anne & Lynn Argue About Abuse, Lying, Cheating & Affairs

Dr. Phil: Is Lynne Lying About Having A Miscarriage?

Anne and Lynn could not stop arguing, and Dr. Phil wondered why they even bothered to come on the show, and told them that if they were just coming on here to cover their butts, that he would halt the show. Then, Dr. Phil showed Anne that Lynn doesn’t lie about everything, after all, showing Anne proof that Lynn really did have a miscarriage like she claimed she did.


Dr. Phil: Anne Doesn’t Believe Her Daughter, Lynn, Had Miscarriage

Dr. Phil: Tom’s Fiance Planned Lynn’s Entire Wedding?

Dr. Phil brought on Tom, Lynn’s brother, so that they could have a bipartisan voice on the show. Tom said that he was tired of Lynn’s lies, the most recent of which she said that she was starting an insurance company that would make them $100,000 a week. Because of her lying, Tom doesn’t want Lynn at his wedding.

Dr. Phil: Tom vs. Lynn & Tom’s Fiance Planned Lynn’s Whole Wedding?

Dr. Phil: Preferential Treatment & Annie’s Husband Died In A Car Crash

To dig deeper into the family’s history, he brought on one of their old babysitters, who confirmed that Anne not only gave preferential treatment to Tom, but even asked her to take Lynn to live with her for a little while. Then, the mother and daughter recounted the time they discovered Anne’s husband and Lynn’s father dead on the side of the road in a fatal car crash.

Dr. Phil: Anne’s Husband Dies In Car Crash & Lynn’s Babysitter Letter

Dr. Phil: Repairing Relationships & Thinking Happy Thoughts

Dr. Phil gave Lynn and Anne advice to repair a relationship between them, and that they needed to start thinking happy thoughts and talking about happy things with each other.

Dr. Phil’s Advice for Lynn, Tom & Anne To Repair Their Relationship


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