Dr Phil: How To Be A Leader Life Code & Man Lies About Job For 5 Years


Dr Phil June 18 2013 Recap

Dr Phil investigates the world of pathological liars and cheaters on June 18 2013. Mike has been lying to his wife Kim for years. While she thought he was off on business trips, he was actaully sleeping in the back of his SUV. When Kim believed Mike had received promotions or the payroll was messed up, Mike never even had a job to begin with. Mike’s tangled web of lies has even made his son turn against him.

Dr Phil: How to Be a Leader Life Code & Man Lies About Job for 5 Years

Dr Phil June 18 2013. Dr Phil exposed all of Mike’s lies and, with the help of “Life Code” gave Kim hope for her future without her husband.


Dr Phil: Mike Lied to Kim for Five Years & Tangled Web of Career Lies

For the last five years, Mike told Kim and his son that he was a successful career man and lied about being in financial ruin. While Mike tried to explain himself, Dr Phil told him to can it.

Dr Phil Lying Spouses: Mike’s Five Years Of Lies & Why He Lied To Kim

Dr Phil: Mike’s Long List of Lies & Kim, “We’re Never Getting Back Together”

Looking at all of Mike’s lies in a line up was devastating for Kim. She thought their life was stable, but really Mike was never looking for a job, just another lie.


Dr Phil: Mike’s List Of Lies, Kim Says “We’ll Never Be Together Again”

Dr Phil’s Life Code & Sweet 16 Rules Leaders Use to Win at Life

Being a winner and leader is not a hard thing, Mike just never tries at life. Dr Phil pulled out his trusty “Life Code” and told Kim to get out while she still have her dignity.

Dr Phil: Life Code Sweet 16 Rules For Winning At Life & Being a Leader

Dr Phil Helps Veteran Mike Find a Job & Fixing Relationship with Son

Mike’s son can’t believe that his father lied to him for the last five years. Dr Phil vowed to get Mike help for psychological and career goals.

Dr Phil: Support For Troops Coming Home & Mike’s Relationship With Son


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