Dr Phil: Woman Hoards Used Tissues & Meddling Mom vs Daughter’s Fiancé


Dr Phil April 8 2013 Preview

On April 8 2013, Dr Phil brings back a former guest to sort out some new issues. A guest brings in his mom who was once meddling and is now a hoarder. She tells Dr Phil why she is saving used tissues. Then, Dr Phil has a heart to heart with another meddling mom that wants to get rid of her daughter’s fiancé.

Dr Phil: Hoarding Mother

Dr Phil: Woman Hoards Used Tissues & Meddling Mom vs Daughter's Fiancé

On April 8 2013, Dr Phil tries to help a former guest with her hoarding.


This mother started out as a meddling mother and has channeled her meddling into hoarding. Her son was on Dr Phil before to talk about how his mother won’t butt out of his life. Now, they are coming back on April 8 to share their newest woes with Dr Phil.

Either since being on the show or all along, this woman has been hoarding. She doesn’t see it as a problem, which is the norm for hoarders. She tells Dr Phil on April 8 that she is saving a few used tissues in a baggie. She said that she watched the movie Titanic and cried a lot of tears.

Usually when I cry during Titanic I want to hide the proof that I have been sobbing. I feel like if this mother is holding onto her tears for Jack and Rose she may have more problems than just hoarding. I’m interested to see where this one goes.


Dr Phil: Meddling Mom vs. “Loser With Potential”

Also on this episode, Dr Phil speaks with a mother who wants her daughter to pick another fiancé. She calls her daughter’s fiancé a “loser with potential.” If that’s not a backhanded compliment I don’t know what is. The mother tells Dr Phil that she can’t tell her daughter what to do, but Dr Phil says she sure is trying hard!

Check back here Monday to see who the daughter chooses: mom or her “loser with potential.”


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