Dr. Phil: Tonya Abused By Her Father, Mother Did Nothing To Stop It


Dr Phil May 14 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

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Dr. Phil: Abusive Father Blamed Wife For His Abuse Of Her Daughter

Dr Phil: Man Takes Abuse Too Far, Wanted To Have Son With Stepdaughter

Dr Phil: Abusive Father Says Daughter Doesn’t Understand His Addiction

Dr. Phil: Coping With Abuse & Moving On With Your Life After Trauma

On Dr. Phil May 14 2013, Tonya comes in to talk about her 10 years of abuse at the hands of her father who started violating her as a child. What makes matters worse is that her mother knew about the abuse the whole time and never did anything to stop it.


Dr. Phil: Tonya Abused By Her Father, Mother Did Nothing To Stop It

Tonya tells her tale of abuse on Dr. Phil.

Tonya Abused By Her Father For 10 Years

Everything was going well in Tonya’s life until Bruce came along. Shortly after the marriage between him and her mother started, Tonya’s life became a nightmare, and 10 years of abuse followed. On tomorrow’s show, we’ll be finding out just what her mother was thinking throughout this saga of sadness. According to Tonya, her mother knew about the abuse the whole time and did nothing to stop it! Hearing her reasons behind allowing this abuse to continue will no doubt make for an interesting show.

Tonya’s Father Comes On Dr Phil

Tonya’s father will also be making his presence known on the show, but he won’t be making an appearance. Bruce’s time on the show will be spent over the phone. In previews of the show, he can be heard telling Tonya that she only made matters worse by not getting into therapy, as if that’s a reasonable excuse to make on any place of existence. This sounds to me like a classic case of blaming the victim, which is a topic that is by no means new to the Dr. Phil show.


Though it all came at a cost much too high for Tonya, it is hard to deny that tomorrow’s show will be worth watching. Hearing Tonya’s mother justify turning a blind eye to the child abuse and the father’s explanation for his actions will no doubt be interesting to see.


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