Dr Phil: The Boy In The Bunker & Dealing With Moments Of Crisis


Dr Phil February 13 2013 Preview

Earlier this month a 5-year-old boy, Ethan, was held hostage for nearly a week in a bunker. 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes kidnapped Ethan after he stormed a school bus. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil is talking to Ethan and mother about how they are dealing with the aftermath.

Dr Phil: The Boy In The Bunker

Dr Phil: The Boy In The Bunker & Dealing With Moments Of Crisis

On February 13 2013 Dr Phil is talking to Ethan and his mother. Ethan was held hostage in a bunker for a week in a highly publicized hostage crisis.


Dykes stormed a school bus and shot and killed the driver. He kidnapped Ethan from among 21 other children and held him in an underground bunker in Alabama. After a week of heavy news coverage, FBI officials were able to raid the bunker and kill Dykes.

Ethan celebrated his sixth birthday just days after being rescued. What effect will this have on his life? How is his family dealing with the trauma? Dr. Phil will talk through the events with Ethan and his mother on February 13 and hopefully offer them some real life advice on dealing with trauma.

Dr Phil: Moving Past Crisis

According to Dr. Phil’s website, it’s normal to feel fear and emotion after experiencing a crisis. Here are some of his suggestions on how to deal with the aftermath.

  • The fear that something traumatic could happen again is called rational regression. It is a normal feeling and reaction to a traumatic event.
  • You should know there is a difference between a rational fear and an irrational fear. Rational fear causes us to protect ourselves. Irrational fear happens when there is no threat to us. Injuries during the trauma could cause you to have these fears until you physically heal.
  • Remember that you got through the traumatic event. If you keep asking yourself “What if” you can take comfort in the fact that you got through it once.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family, friends or a mental health professional. These feelings can and will heal.


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