Dr Phil: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Exposed & Tabloid Headline Rumors


Dr Phil April 19 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from Dr Phil’s interview with Farrah and her parents.

Dr Phil is tackling the headlines surrounding a tabloid star in his upcoming April 19 episode. This all new show is a Dr Phil intervention for Farrah Abraham, who is known for being profiled in the MTV reality shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Now she is making news for another disturbing reason, and it does not sit well with Dr Phil.


Dr Phil: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

Dr Phil: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Exposed & Tabloid Headline Rumors

On April 19, Dr Phil is confronting Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham about her reckless behavior, such as a DUI and rumors that she has made an adult film.

Farrah Abraham is a young mother from Iowa. Her daughter’s father was killed in a car accident before the girl was born, and Farrah has infamously clashed with her mother over the years.

She had wanted to be a model before getting pregnant as a teenager. Since then, she has fought legal battles over the paternity of her child, visitation rights from her late boyfriend’s grandparents, and even assault charges against her mother. Farrah Abraham is no stranger to the drama of life.


Dr Phil: Teen Mom Exposed

It seems that Farrah is also not shy about putting herself in the limelight. From her roles on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom to a 2012 memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, she is either extremely savvy or has representation that is helping her to milk her 15 minutes of fame.

However, it seems that Farrah may have another reality TV trick up her sleeve to generate more attention. She is said to have appeared in an adult film or homemade video, which has been the subject of rumor and speculation. (I guess it worked out well for Kim Kardashian.)

Dr Phil & Farrah Abraham

Dr Phil is confronting Farrah about her DUI, her adult video, and the tabloid headlines that crop up at supermarket checkout lines. She says she does not care, but Dr Phil won’t buy her excuses the way Farrah’s mother does.

Is this all a publicity stunt? Whether it is or not, it has certainly worked on Dr Phil. You can see his showdown with Teen Mom star Farrah on the April 19 2013 show.


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