Dr Phil: Teen Baby Mama Drama & Did Kayla Get Pregnant On Purpose?


Dr Phil March 21 2013 Preview

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On March 21 2013, Dr Phil is talking to teen parents whose parents believe they got pregnant to get on 16 & Pregnant. With the massive headlines surrounding teen moms, did Kayla, 18, get pregnant on purpose?


Dr Phil: Teen Baby Mama Drama & Did Kayla Get Pregnant On Purpose?

On March 21 2013, Dr Phil has advice for teen parents and their parents.

Dr Phil: Kayla & Vincent

Kayla and Vincent, 17, had been dating just four months when they found out they were pregnant. Everyone instantly told Kayla she did it on purpose to earn a spot on 16 & Pregnant. Kayla filled out an application for the show, but was turned down. Vincent says Kayla has always wanted to be famous.

Now Kayla has signed custody of her son, Milo, over to her mother. Vincent and Kayla separated before Milo was born. They call each other names and tell Dr Phil just how horrible the other one is. Vincent’s dad, Lewis, believes that Milo needs to be with his parents, not being raised by Kayla’s mother.


Kayla blames her stepdad and their constant fights for giving up Milo. She said she can’t be around him with the baby. Kayla’s mother complains that Kayla is the start of all of the fights and Dr Phil agrees. Even Kayla’s sister has told her sister to grow up. They all think that Milo needs his mom.

Dr Phil: What To Tell Your Teen Daughter

Dr Phil tells Kayla that she can give custody to her mom, but she can’t abdicate her role as a mother. He has the things that you need to tell your teen daughter.

He recommends that parents tell their teens that they should value themselves enough not to let their bodies be someone else’s entertainment. You should tell them that teen fathers cannot be there for them or their baby like they think. Also, if she loves a boy, don’t give him the label of teen father.


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