Dr Phil: Sue & Andy’s Domestic Abuse & Should They Work It Out Or Run?


Dr Phil April 9 2013 Preview

On April 9 2013, Dr Phil talks to Sue, a woman who is terrified of her husband and her marriage. Sue tells Dr Phil why she is submissive to Andy. What does Andy have to say about the abuse allegations? Will Dr Phil’s cameras find something that clues us into why they keep reuniting?

Dr Phil: Sue & Andy's Domestic Abuse & Should They Work It Out Or Run?

On April 9 2013, Dr Phil tells April whether she should run from domestic abuse and her marriage to Andy or if it’s worth saving. My guess is run. Run fast.


Dr Phil: Sue & Andy Abusive Relationship

For 12 years, Andy has been abusing his wife Sue. Sue says he is verbally abusive and she is scared of his drunken rages. He will force her to sleep with him when he is intoxicated. Sue says she feels like a shell and that he’s taken her life.

At the same time, Sue is afraid that Andy plans to leave her. Andy admits that he is pushy, hot-headed and calls Sue horrible names. However, he justifies this by saying Sue has wifely duties to uphold. She is supposed to sleep with him, cook and clean. He says she doesn’t uphold her end of the marriage, but does that justify abuse? No.

Dr Phil: Going Back To Domestic Abuse

Sue and Andy tell Dr Phil on April 9 that they keep reuniting even though they are toxic for each other. Sue’s two adult children weigh in on the relationship. There is something that contributes to Sue and Andy’s chaos. Can Dr Phil get this couple help, or does he advise they walk away?


It’s pretty obvious that this is a horrific situation. Sue’s worth is crushed and she has no self-esteem. Andy wants to be a tyrant and run the home while his wife does the work. This kind of marriage will never work. I’m excited to see what advice Dr Phil has for these two. Hopefully it’s something along the line of “Run for the hills, you fool!”


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