Dr Phil: Signs Of Child Abuse & How To Identify Abuse In Your Home


Dr Phil March 4 2013 Preview

On Monday, March 4 2013, Dr. Phil talks with a family that says their daughter is lazy and entitled. While she shouldn’t get away with her behavior, the girl tells Dr. Phil that her childhood was ruined when her stepdad touched her inappropriately at age nine. This is a tricky situation that Dr. Phil will be handling with care.

Dr Phil: Signs Of Child Abuse & How To Identify Abuse In Your Home

On March 4 2013, Dr. Phil is talking about the signs of child abuse.


Dr Phil: Child Abuse = Lazy Daughter?

For years her mother never knew what really happened between her daughter and her stepfather. While her siblings are calling her lazy and obnoxious, this young woman is hiding a secret pain. She tells her mother on March 4 that her stepfather first started abusing her at age nine.

The mother knew that something had happened, but she stuck her head down and ignored the situation. Now, her daughter is telling her all of the details of the trauma that she went through as a teen.

Dr Phil: Signs Of a Child Predator

While this mother never saw the signs, treat it as a cautionary tale. Dr. Phil cautions parents to watch everyone in their child’s life. Dr. Frank Lawlis, Dr. Phil’s mentor and head of the Dr. Phil advisory board, has signs to watch out for.

  • They have low self-esteem, lack of empathy, need for power and control, and refuse to take responsibility for actions. They will often blame others or situations for their behavior. 
  • These people are often married or in relationships, objectify women, are arrogant and good manipulators. They are great helpers and prey on people in need. They are not always strangers, and most are often family.
  • Pedophiles are very friendly, nice, engaging and likable  They will target victims through family, schools, sports and hobbies. They are professional con artists and get people to trust them easily. These are people that will look you in the eye, smile and gain your trust.


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