Dr Phil: Shot In The Face – Victim Confronts Attacker 20 Years Later


Dr Phil April 29 2013

Dr Phil is all new with another shocking confrontation on April 29 2013. Years ago, two women’s paths crossed in a story that changed both their lives forever. Now they are reuniting for the first time on Dr Phil’s stage. Could you confront the attacker if you had been  shot in the face?

Dr Phil: Shot In The Face

Dr Phil: Shot In The Face - Victim Confronts Attacker 20 Years Later

On April 29, Dr Phil is bringing two people together for the first time in 20 years. If you had been shot in the face, would you want to see your attacker?


A student working in a grocery store was shot in the face during a robbery 21 years ago. Her assailant used a sawed-off shotgun. That moment has changed both women’s lives forever, but they have never come face to face since that day…until now.

Dr Phil is good at picking people’s emotional scabs, and in his defense, he wouldn’t be able to do it if people didn’t line up and agree to come to his show. Every time I think he is prodding too much or exploring a subject unworthy of television, I remember that everyone is a willing participant.

Dr Phil: Grocery Store Robbery Gone Wrong

“I think I’m a victim as well,” says the attacker who shot a store clerk in the face, leaving her disfigured.


If you were on the fence about whether you could meet the person who shot you in the face, I might guess that knowing they would say something like that would not make you more interested in the reunion.

Dr Phil: Victim Confronts Attacker

“Every day that I look in the mirror, I’m reminded of what she did to me,” the victim said. This should be an interesting conversation, if nothing else.

If I did shoot someone in the face, I might be apologetic and not go on TV claiming it was not my fault. Even if it wasn’t the attacker’s fault, it most certainly was not the victim’s fault, unless there is a twist Dr Phil is not telling us about in the promo.

I guess that element of surprise is how they get you to tune in. Dr Phil is new on Monday, April 29 2013.



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    can you please check up on shanna for last results of her face! Thanks for letting me be a part of that electrifying moment of the shooter and the victim hugging on your show. You are one inspirational man!

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